President of Soon Suk-yeol, the governmental prospect visited Roll Park for sporting activities visit.

This go to in Soon Sky’s prospect is that it appears to catch 2030 generations that are currently evaluated as casting boats. Furthermore, by Soon Suk-yeol, the prospect of Run Seok-yeol was also able to take a means to show the authenticity of the commitment.

On the other hand, Soon Suk-yeol was made by the video game associated commitment ceremony on the 12th of the 12th. In addition, it additionally mentioned the game little fraud clergyman private investigator installation, strengthening the disabled game availability. Soon Suk-yeol is scheduled to have a second game dedication to the 2nd game.


Soon Suk-yeol visited Roll Park LACK Arena straight to visit the 2022 LACK Springtime season with T1 as well as Guangdong PRI. Along with Soon Suk-yeol candidate, we participated in the power of Lee Joon-seok, and the head of Lee Joon-kyung, and also the head of the Won Hyung and also Won He Yong policy headquartered,