In September 2020, the Twin Drums Berlin studio announced the development The Waged Chronicles and presented it as an Afro-Fantasy MMORPG to immerse players in a world freely inspired by African cultures. We remember that the project was the subject of a participatory funding campaign on Kickstarter whose result exceeded the young independent studio — more than 160,000 euros were lifted with the players, with respect to the 100 000 euros initially hoped for.

If The Waged Chronicles has been relatively discreet since then, the game will begin to disclose concretely during the second half of February, as part of an Alpha 1, that’s what the studio announces on social networks — The Alpha will be accessible to the first contributors to the participatory financing campaign.


At this point, Twin Drums does not specify the contents of the tests, but for the memory, The Waged Chronicles intends to make the beautiful role at the Role play (the MMO is complete with a roleplaying game) and incorporates game mechanics encouraging the players to exchange with each other — the studio considers that power accumulation does not necessarily have to be the heart of the MMO and the simple fact of exchanging with the other players will also report points of memory (used to unlock skills). It was evoked here.

Let us bet that Alpha will better identify the Waged Chronicles’ fun issues as early as the next month.