Although Dragon Ball is a series that began in a manga to black and white, Akira Toriyama, responsible for this work, gave characters like Goku and company, thus creating the bases for what we saw in the anime. If you’ve ever wondered why the protagonist costume is orange, will gladly know that this Mangaka has clarified this mystery.

Thanks to the book of _Dragon Ball Chōgashū: Super Art Collection, 2013, Toriyama had the opportunity to talk about the illustrations he created to give life to these characters. In a specific, in a section, Mangaka was questioned about the colors he used for Goku’s clothing . This was what he mentioned:

“For the colors of the dōgi, the motive is naturally the color of the tunics [that they use] the Chinese monks, like the Shaolin. The fact that it turned red in the anime was always something with what I was a little dissatisfied.

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The reason why there are many characters with strange colors, such as Piccolo Daimaō, Freeza, Cell and Majin Boo, is simply because the variation of colors facilitates the understanding of their individual differences. “

Although it is true that in the anime you can notice a little red, Orange is still the predominant color in this adaptation. Together with this, Toyotaro, who is in charge of the manga of Dragon Ball Super, continues to employ Same tones that Toriyama used for decades.

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