Elden Ring: 9 Fascinating Insights From Miyazaki and Kitao's New Interviews
In less than a month **, Elden Ring appears finally. The new plant of from Software lands on the 25th of February 2022 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. Hideetaka Miyazaki, his sign president of from software and creator of the Souls series, uses the calm in front of the release storm for a PR tour to stir for ELDEN RING neatly the advertising drum.

From difficulty and toxic swamps

Below we have summarized some exciting findings from the talks. The interviews can be found at the end of the news, in the source specification.

  • After the network test in November 2021 there was a lot of useful feedback, which was used to further improve Elden Ring to Launch. An example: The summoning mechanics was not explained well, so you have created this hand again.
  • The biggest challenge in the development of Elden Ring was to give the players in the huge Oberwelt a sense of freedom and openness, but not to mess up the typical from software gameplay or the balance.

  • Although Elden Ring is also to be demanding, the world offers much more options to make progress or master difficult situations. You will not be coming on? Then you do not have to race against the wall again and again. Power elsewhere, explores the world and come back later, if you are stronger.
  • The developer legend believes that more games will see the end of Elden Ring when it was the case with other souls games. Not because the degree of difficulty has been artificially reduced, but because there are more options for solutions and because you can now make it easier to help from other players.
  • Miyazaki hope is that players will use the multiplayer elements of Elden Ring, as these simpler and barrier-free were designed than in the previous Games of From Software.

  • For Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.99 €) there will be a “new game plus” as well as several possible ends.
    Incidentally, Miyazaki has rediscovered his love for the creation of poisonous swamps in Elden Ring. Many Souls veterans are likely to grow up horrified now, after all, the swamps often belong to the most stressful areas of the respective from-software games. “_I knows how people think about them, but you know, suddenly I realize that I’m in the middle of the development of a swamp, and I can not do anything about it. It happens simply.”

  • For Elden Ring, the developers have even thought up a completely new poison type that works differently than the previous toxins. What it has with “Scarlet Red” is exactly on, but we will only learn in the release.

New gameplay scenes show Castle Mourne

In the course of GameInformer’s interview, there were also new gameplay scenes that show an optional location with Castle Mourne:

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You not only get the outdoor areas of the castle, but also the inner, various opponent types and the boss of the area: a rink beast on two legs, which swings a big sword. We particularly like the Boss Arena as well as the atmospheric, from corpses all farm of the castle.