Leroy San sees itself no longer than glamor professional. He hopes he’s out of the bling bling drawer out, “I do not wear a lot of bling bling.

The fact that I wear some faded clothes is because I just like to try new and other things, “Sane said in the _kicker_interview. But it was not that” that I would like to be seen as a glamorous figure “.

One would be packed by the public into a drawer, so the former Schalke: “But I do not care that I always look good. That’s all about me, for me, what happens in the square.” Years ago, Sare had taken care of a stir when he had come to the meeting point of the national team with a graffiti coat.

At FC Bayern, Sane (26) feels very comfortable after start-up difficulties. “It was a bit difficult with Corona and the aftermath of my cruciate ligament. It took a season. Now I’m Topfit. So I can say: Yes, I am one hundred percent,” he said.

Meanwhile, he also feel “the recognition of the fans, that’s all the better”. Some time was SANE for many followers at Bayern, but also in the DFB team quickly the scapegoat. “Of course, that does not let that cold, I’m just trying to do it too much to me. Because I know what I can,” the offensive player said.

Sane over Piffe against Cologne: “Was mad at me”

That’s why he did not have to come up with me and I believe in me and do not let me intimidate. Away, you will also be often bad, I personally gives me an extra push. “

In the visor of his own appendix, Sane on the second matchday in the home game against 1 FC Cologne, where he was replaced by his weak performance at halftime. “At that moment I was angry, but on me and on my performance, not on the fans,” said the left foot, but now it brings it to twelve goals and 13 templates in 28 inserts.

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A yield with which he approaches great prices on an individual level like the balloon d’or purely theoretically. But the number 10 of the Münchner apparently wastes hardly thoughts about it. “I’m not a print. You can only win such trophies if you bring your performance over the entire season. To dream to dream, I have to get the performance,” San said.