Professional players of League of Legends have happened to him great with Akali from the same time when Riot Games launched the character’s rework. Fortuna for them and a real nightmare for developers, who have seen how the champion became one of the most difficult to balance. After a lot of work and even a small rework it seemed that they had achieved it. However, professionals have found a new way to end the expectations of the balance team with a new Build based on the Turbo Quimiotanque.

The perfect object of Akali that revives a riot nightmare

The new construction of objects appeared for the first time during the second week of big leagues and since then has become a dangerous fashion . Unlike cases in which it has been shown that professionals could be making a mistake, this time they have the data on their part. Its victory rate in qualifying games and even in competitive is promoted very remarkably giving rise to a very unpleasant sensation: she does so much damage and the Akali of always, but holds double.

Although with a considerably minor ability of ability, the objective of this new construction of objects is to take advantage of the unforeseen synergy between the Turbo Chemotanque and the DEMONY HUG **. They are not objects that we expected to see together by going destined to categories that the developers of League of Legends consider differentiated. However, they have in common the fact of favoring the champions according to their maximum life. With this method the champion compensates for the apparent lack of ability to skill it and is able to achieve even better results against the most resistant heroes.

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Since this Build was popular, the champion has raised the victory rate of it more than remarkable. ** She now manages to win 52.32% of the items in which the chemotanque is chosen and uses as a selection of mythical object. Some data that allows you to get over the average for the first time in several seasons. The results of it also rebunt in the professional game. She has a positive victory rate and her presence (items in which she is chosen or banned) has risen to 62.3% in the latest version. A trend upward that she seems destined to continue.

This is not the first time Riot Games meets a similar problem. Whenever it has been viable, players have chosen resistance-based constructions for some of the most aggressive game champions. She passed with FIZZ , EKKO or KAYN . The Riot solution is always the same and it seems written in the formula to adjust League of Legends: considerably reduce the base damage of skills and increase its scaling.