Fortnite x Uncharted | Trailer and Skins Release Date

If there is one thing to which Fortnite has accustomed us, it is the partnerships. With the arrival of the movie Uncharted to the cinema, they are new skins that will be made available in the game, to promote on other verticals as the marketer so well say. On February 17, it will be possible to have fun with 4 different skins: Nathan Drake and Chloé Frazer in their classic version Video games and two others under the features of Tom Holland and Sophia Taylor Ali actors. We imagine that items will accompany the characters and we put at the same time on the pick and the grapple rope, just to be fitting with the character of Nathan Drake. In all cases, Tom Holland therefore appears twice in the game, via the Spider-Man character and our nate to us. Not bad.