After the “ongoing” incident of the camp, the Gamer’s gaze was focused on February 2022 after the “Increase” incident, which was the issue of the school. He would also be a popular title since last October since last October. The researchers were the future that came to the future than the current situation.

Nintendo Jin, of course, of course, “Pokemon Legend Arsusus”. The interest of the reservation sales steps was sufficient to show that the pouring pouring is ‘still powerful Pokemon IP’. The existing workings were steadily sell, and they were auxiliary roles, and at least until January, it seemed to be an extension line of Nintendo Jeon Yeon-jae.

Nintendo in January = Arsusus

As mentioned earlier, the January of Nintendo Lim Yield was very high in expectations for ‘Pokemon Legend Arsusu (Arsusuus)’. The contents that I was gathering in all stores I visited this day, was that I felt the power of Pokemon IP again due to demand for expectations. The popularity of the fourth generation remake of ‘Brilliant Diamond’ and ‘Shining Pearl’ seems to have not visited that it could not reveal that Sagradi was not able to watch the sagad.

Unfortunately, I could not carry a hot selling scene, but I was enough to feel the high popularity of Arsusus. It was only aware that it would be often the case that it would be a mistake in a graphic that seems unstable somewhere. Some of the store officials said, ‘I expected a lot of popularity, but I expected that it would be popular, but I am embarrassed in high demand than previous works.

They also showed them to purchase the device. But it was not more than I thought. This is a Corona 19 Omiton variant, which is a situation that a daily confirmed situation is a situation that is 15,000 people. Demand for switching devices for gifts is fine, and products that bundle existing models and ‘Mario Cart 8 Deluxe’ are 9,800 won as compared with the device separately, or for a gift, or a caustic cost.

The PS was dandin was to achieve propulsion

The PS store in January showed a one-sided figure as it was thought. The ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’, which was considered to be a title that is a title, and a pie was released as a PC and Xbox platform. ‘Iron Harvest 1920+’ also has only been found for the core user.

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In the case of untids, gamers with existing titles are subject to new user layers, but for new user layers, but for how they are able to upgrade, there are all of the workers’ store officials, but they need to wait “I have a comment. At the time of the visit, I will not have a gamer who asked for the work, so I will have some demand, but it will not be explosive.

It is not a situation that only one month of January, but it was not a situation that was laughing, but if the long way, the launch of the pretend to take a long darkness was close and the PS camp showed that the PS camp showed a lively. This is because it is interested in ‘Eldon Ring’ and ‘Daing Lite 2 Stay Human’, and ‘Horizon Forbidden West’, and the reservation application continues. A PS Shop official located in Yongsan said, ‘I do not come out for a long time, “I feel like I have been full of desire for new work.

On the other hand, ‘It Take Take’ is still a popularity and played a role in the PS camp. There is a few collaborative games, but because it shakes many of them based on excellent games. Bulgwangdong Joey Camp officials said, ‘The title itself is popular, but it seems that the PS visit was overlapped, and it seems that they have been found to have been found to have been found. In the second half of last year, ‘Lost Jersey: I can see the following that I have been in the back of the appropriate camp.

February, big

Only the title of the January showed that the appearance of both camps seemed to be prepared, but the expectations have reversed the atmosphere in earnest. In addition to the atmosphere that starts lively, it seems that the cypress, which was crouching, and the crouching was the crouching.

In February, the praise of PS signing titles is expected. As an overall opinion, Eldon Ring is the most dominant, but other works are also a masterpiece that is not followed. As you wrote in a hurry, it is noteworthy that the next February will be a turning point of the PS camp because of a lot of gamers that expect the title due to a subsequent expecting ahead of the achievement.