At PlayStation, we know that we can turn to Guerrilla Games when we want to demonstrate what a new machine has in the belly. There was Killzone 2 on PS3, Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4, and even Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 Pro: Amsterdamois know how to respond present at the beginning of the Sony machines to remove flamboyant demos, and give the technological tempo of years future. We have for a time confident about the fact that Horizon Forbidden West would extend the tradition. Until the shadow of development Cross-Gen Vienna plunge us into doubt. How could a game taking part in the PS4 epilogue, could it both hold its role as evangelist on PS5? From this double pedestrous job, Forbidden West is deletion without deder, but not without leaving some regret menus.

Horizon Forbidden West - PS4 and PS5 Differences Explained - IGN Daily Fix

Appointment: the last time Guerilla Games had hitched the development of a game for several distinct platforms, it was almost two decades ago, with the obscure Shellshock ‘Nam 67 released in September 2004 on PS2, Xbox and PC. A year later, the Dutch studio passed under Sony Pavilion; He was going to swim, long years during, in a luxury reserved for studios first Party, the one who consists of never having to develop his games for a single platform, with the technical specifications engraved in the marble. Until a beautiful day, Sony decides to go to court at the PC, and choose to make some Horizon Zero Dawn The first manifestation of its new opening policy.