So you want to learn the ways of power during zombie apocalypse, young Padawan? Then you are exactly right, because a beautiful, Star Wars-inspired Easter egg named “Dying Force” exists with certainty in the game. With the power of the power you can lift yourself up and skid about enemies or objects. This great power can belong to you if you can successfully complete the required ritual. In this guide, I will teach you what you need to get “Dying Force” so that you do not miss the largest Easter egg of Dying Light 2.

To get the blueprint for Dying Force and command the power of the troupe, you must complete the Main Story Quest “Broadcast” and collect 5 Black Ducks. Below I will inform you where you can find all the necessary evil ducks.

Evil black duck 1

This black duck can be found near an inhibitor. Climb in Garrison on the skyscrapers of the VNC Tower and then climb a floor to get to the prey. Open the safe by entering the code 6/6 / 6 and collect the first Evil Black Duck.

Evil black duck 2

Dying Light 2 - How To Get Dying Force Secret Weapon (Star Wars Force Blueprint)
This black duck is located outside the territory of Garrison and I will mark it for you on the map below. If you dare in one of the abandoned watchtowers, you can easily collect the second black duck.

Evil black duck 3

This black duck , can be found in the Wharf. The marker of the inhibitor leads you to an abandoned ship. After you have reached the container, climb up the railing and jump from the point marked in the picture above next to the foundation pillars ( recommelles, to come in the morning). The submerged car can be cracked where the third black duck is collected in the water.

Evil black duck 4

This black duck is one of the easiest to find, as it is located in the Lower Dam Ayre. In the vicinity of the water it is placed on the spokes, with which the ropes are attached to small boats.

Evil black duck 5

This black duck is located near the campsite in Houndsfield. I will mark this in the following picture. Not far from the campsite, the center of the pond shows how marked the picture where you can find the last black duck.

Get the plan

To get your Jedi hands to the dying force blueprint, you have to go to the VNC Tower. Access the elevator that brings you into the basement. Once you are down there, swim on the other side of the cellar. You need to enter a door on the right in which a broken window is located. Here you can go down to level 0 with the elevator, there you will find a scary-looking personality.

On this altar placing all 5 black ducks and connect the cables that form a star. Drag the cable from the functioning sub-station and go directly to the next sub-station to connect it. From here you have to complete the challenge hangar.

Hold on the right and go forward until you reach the “Hell Chamber”. This area contains an acid cycle on both sides. Move through the entrance of the alley and eliminate the enemies. Still keep right and move forward until you reach the pond where the Dying Force Blueprint is placed on a yellow platform.

The Dying Force is now under its control and will improve your gaming experience with certainty. Do not ask me now, what’s going on with Dying Light 2 and its numerous poultry side quests, but you turn yourself as my favorites. If you are a rather visual learner, I paste a short for video instructions as you finish this quest.

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