Thailand’s Indie Belopper GameCrafterteam has launched early access for high-speed mechanical action “ Nimbus Infinity ( Nimbus Infinity )”.

This work is a successor to “Project Nimbus” released in 2017. It is said that new generation pilots can experience the story of the new generation pilot, using various weapons and equipment, using various weapons and equipment called “Battleframes”.

  • Hypored Mechactions Running Aerial

  • Use different performance weapons and equipment, knit your own tactics and combat styles

  • Map gimmicks that increase diversity affect the war

  • The world from project Nimbus 21 years later, the story that surrounds new generation pilots starts. What is the threat to hide in the palatable peace…?

# Ultra-fast battle

Battle of the variation with enemies, you need a battle skill and instantaneous decision.

Is it a remote attack with a gun or missile or a mounting weapon fight?
Select appropriate armed according to the purpose and mission.

# Grand apple history

The hero who was a very ordinary high school student Iwata Taiyou is caught in the battle in space because it has been accidentally affected by crashed battleframe. City, desert, space colony. Let’s fight the world and stars into the crotch to save the Earth from the crisis of ruin.

# Respectable Archives

Let’s combine handguns, rifles, missiles, canon, etc. Dekoi, combine equipment such as camouflage to create your own loadout.

# Step of the new era

From 2099. After a two-way, after a two-way match, the full power on earth was united under the swinging power of the CFN central government centered on the United States. Meanwhile, half of humanity is determined to be a new sky in space, and its space colonies are shining on orbiting.
The technology of humanoid general purpose weapons “battleframe” was already dead. Technologies that directly link the pilot brain and aircraft are abolished, and high-scale mass-produced weapons with excellent versatility are mainstream.
And 2100 years, one-by-night furnets to the eyes of one young man jumping into the night sky.
Now, along with the beginning of a new era, the balance of the world was trying to collapse again…

“Ninbus Infinity” is distributing STeam for 1,520 yen for Windows. We are aiming for a formal release around the end of 2022, and we are trying to add, fix story missions, content, and adjust specification through updates under early access. Japanese speech will also be recorded in the completed version.

# Early access start

  • Introductory Story Mission (1-6 chapter)

  • Survival mode (Version 1)

  • English audio (Japanese translation + subtitles)

Update 1

  • Add new story mission

  • Adjustment of system elements

  • Bug correction, efficiency, others

Update 2

  • Add new story mission

  • Survival Mode Update

  • Bug correction, efficiency, others

Update 3

  • Add new story mission

  • Training Room, Battle Frame V Viewer, Cockpit Mode

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  • Bug correction, efficiency, others

Completed Release

  • Add final story mission

  • New game mode

  • Recording of Japanese speech


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