Last updated July 4, 2020

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The World Ends With You always seemed to require anime adaptation. Now, this feverish wish is granted. Domerica and the Shin-EI animation work with Square Enix to give life to history a series should come out next year. The first trailer looks exactly like what you had imagined, somehow.

Several members of the original production team come back for the realization of the series. Tetsuya Nomura will also be involved, assuming the role of creative producer. The animation looks like a mixture of 2D and 3D techniques, the artistic style being directly extracted from the original game. The adaptation is so faithful that it is almost disturbing, honestly.

Everything from the character’s design to the distribution of voices to the special effects, is drawn directly from the game. If you have never played it or if you have simply forgotten, the story revolves around a Tags team subjected to a series of events in an alternative version of Shibuya. The whole of the aesthetic looks like a graffiti and an anime passing through a fine mesh and splashed on the whole screen. You can consult the trailer below! I hope we will soon have a concrete release date.