Christopher Trimmel is the third FC Union Berlin the service elevator professional. Since 2014, Austrian national player (20 missions so far) has been wearing the dress of the Iron and has experienced a lot since then – even openings in the squad. Against this background, the captain of the Berliner can not disturb the current situation: namely that, according to Marvin Friedrich (to Borussia Mönchengladbach) and Max Kruse (VFL Wolfsburg), the third finish of a regular force was announced within a few weeks.

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Grischa Prömel on Monday publicly made change for the coming summer to the TSG Hoffenheim thus drives the 34-year-old no major worries on the forehead. “If you succeed as a smaller club, it belongs to football,” says Trimmel on Tuesday as part of a media round over the departure of regular players, (…) “We always talk about the same. If players are currently in the Bundesliga good performance Bringing, it is normal for you to become attractive for one or the other club. “

“He will give everything until the end of his contract”

That Union within six weeks (Friedrich changed on 11 January to Gladbach) to register three of his service providers as departures, “in the sum already very much, you have to say that,” says Trimmel, “but I’m not surprised, Because I’m already a few years in business. ” And there is a way that Prömel is not yet g1. “Grischa has now decided for the summer, and we all know: he will give everything to the end of his contract. He plays until the end of the season.” Trimmel itself is pleased with your own information if a teammate does the next career step. And, so the right-back, “all the better and bigger is the challenge for the rest. It is nothing new at Union that there is a change. That’s where we are already used to it.”

Tackle is generally a good keyword for the IRE ANNE. Because in addition to the fact that Prömel is leaving the club, the current sporting situation is not exactly pleasing about the dimensions. Despite three defeats in succession, coaches urfermischer and his team are still tabularized to be significantly above that, but in the home game on Saturday against the FSV Mainz 05 (15.30 clock, live! On Max Kruse) should then be countable again.

We did not play any other football now than in January.

Christopher Trimmel

“We did not play any other football now than in January, when we won everything,” Drimmel said over the past three games in Augsburg (0: 2), against Dortmund (0: 3) and in Bielefeld (0: 1), “Sure, we’re doing a bit too many mistakes and the goals in front now. But bitter it would be if we had no scoring or be absolutely chance.” Just the games in Augsburg and Bielefeld were games, “you can absolutely win. It is not that we are in a hole, but that was just a matter of time, that we may not have the gambling happiness In January. There is no reason for ‘now right’, but we work as well as before. “

That against Mainz – as Union this season is a positive surprise – the tenth season win of the Köpenicker, however not a self-runner, it is cloudy about it. “Mainz is a team that is difficult to record,” he emphasized, “they have a very good mentality and very good types in it.” However, Union won from the previous five duels with the main earnings three (with a draw). The only defeat so far was on 6 February 2021 in Mainz with 0: 1 (Tor Moussa Nakhaté).