2020 was a difficult year, but one of the strengths was the video game. Companies like Square Enix and Naughty Dog have published instant classics like Final Fantasy VII Remake and The Last of Us: Part 2, generating enormous profits.

Yet that does not mean that the only studios that have come out of big games: although they did not come out of new games, Remedy managed to score a record fiscal year, despite the fact that they did not Have not released again. Certainly, they abandoned the DLC for their successful play game, but that alone is not enough to justify the year when the game is really released.

For those of you who missed Control, the action-adventure puts you in the shoes of Jesse Fden, who manages to find the mysterious organization known as Federal Office of Control – which studies and contains objects and Supernatural entities, including his brother Dylan. His appearance at the office of the office – the oldest house – coincides with an attack on the whistling of another world.

A Critique of Remedy's Connected Universe (Alan Wake, Quantum Break, & Control)

The game attracted vital reviews for… Finally, just about everything, of his tone and his sense of humor to the fact that he is played as a video game based on the popular SCP Foundation.

According to their last financial report, Remedy finished 2020 with € 41.1 million of profits, up 30% from 2019. Part of this is due to the above-mentioned DLC, but 2020 also saw the game falling on new platforms, like Steam and Xbox Game Pass, as well as the exit of Control

So, what is the next step for Control? Well, it’s hard to imagine that Remedy turns his back on the franchise, especially given the level of success they have received without even getting a new game, fully based on game sales. A new game could well Being in preparation, especially given the link between the game and the previous game of Remedy, Alan Wake. Could we also see a remaster from Alan Wake? Hoping – especially since the AWE DLC seems to refer to a suite and the fact that Alan Wake was originally published exclusively Xbox.