Neogez (Representative Park Dong-woo) announced on the 28th that it has made a work agreement with the Rural Development Administration (Chief Park, Byung – Hong) and contribute to the expansion of domestic fostering varieties and increasing the number of farms.

This Convention is a significant example of the positive role of the game, which is meaningful in that the unique gameability of Real Palman is active.

Both agencies are mutually cooperating with information exchange for distribution activation of domestic varieties, and plans to create a variety of foreign varieties to create various campaigns to replace domestic varieties.

The Rural Development Administration plans to provide domestic and cultivated cultivars with continuous, stable and stable volume, and with existing varieties and differentiated features.

Now, Real Pampers can meet agriculture that grows excellent domestic varieties when collecting coupons in the game and exchanging agricultural products.


In addition, the contents of ‘domestic cultivation varieties’ contents are also developed in the game so that they are naturally known as direct cultivating domestic cultivars.

In addition, in Neo Games, it is expected to meet the domestic farmhouse, and it is expected to be a great help to expand the domestic farmhouse and early seating of domestic farmhouse.

Neogime Jeong Yeon-bum said, “The National Farming Game ‘Real Farm’ is a leading to the national tribunal, and the early spread of the national tribute to the rapidly changing consumer trends, I will blow a little bit in the stagnant farmers. “

Rural Development Administration Technology District and Joo Eun-hee said, “We plan to work organically to enlarge the expansion of the production so that domestic cultivar production farms can produce agricultural products without worrying.”

Meanwhile, ‘Real Farm’ is a national casual game that has been loved for 10 years with differentiated services that can change the coupons in the game into real agricultural products.

Based on the actual data, the crop cultivation conditions, climate, and growth process, such as climate, and growth process, are able to enjoy real farming and fun to reflect agricultural techniques and crop information in advance.

In addition, there is a good influence with programs for local farmers and programs such as pioneering a vanity of farmers who are helping to help difficult farmers, and agriculture of a farmhouse.