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Neptune, Digital Idol Kiyu Deep Studio

Neptune Lee Ko (K) Pop Digital Idol (Corporation) has been invested in the company Dip Studio (representative Ryu Ki-hyun). In August last year, the second investment is Cumulative W8.1bn, and the stake rate rose to about 20% in the existing approximately 6%.

Through this stake investment, Neptune has also been able to create content authority to take advantage of digital homes made in Deep Studio. For example, I have enhanced the possibility of entering a new business area, such as a game content creation of Dip Studio’s digital human human being, or a digital human-based metabus spatial implementation.

Deep Studio is a plan to debut the 5-artificial idol groups, composed of virtual members and real members of this summer. Last January, the first member of the virtual idol ‘Jung Seung-jin’ related content was released to Tank and YouTube, and how long ago, the introduction video of the real member 4 person was also released through the Super Kind Official YouTube channel.

Nadenthein Official Music Video #BiGD #Nadenthein

Deep Studio Ryu Ki-hyun’s representative is “I am pleased to be able to make partnerships more in advantage of Neptune,” and “K-pop interested in the KPOP to focus on the short-forming contents of the short-formatted platform users and K-pop fans continued to reproduce (User Generated Contents) and MEME, I will expand the Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Properties (Intellectual Property Intellectual Properties) of Jeongseong Jin and Super Kind. “

Neptune Yu Tae-woong said, “The new approach of Dip Studio, which does not follow the general success routes of existing digital homes, is impressive, and it is expected to be synergy with the various business areas of Neptune,” said Neptune. ” We decided to invest in additional investment, “he said,” he decided to invest in a differentiated position, and it is possible to strengthen global fandoms and female fandoms through idol groups. “

New free games thanks to PS Plus: You can look forward to these games

It’s time again: Sony has just revealed the new free games that can secure and download all PS plus subscribers in April 2022. All games are available both PS5 and PS4 users.

PlayStation Plus: These are the new free games in April

Always on the last Wednesday of the month at 5:30 pm Sony introduces the new free games to which PS-Plus subscribers can look forward to the following month. While there are four games in March, are only three in April. Here are the overview:

  • SpongeBob Square Head: Battle of Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated (PS4) – View in the PlayStation Store
  • Hood: Outlaws & Legends (PS4 / PS5) – View in the PlayStation Store
  • Slay the Spire (PS4) – View in the PlayStation Store

The new free games are available from April 5, 2022. ** Until the key date you can still secure the current PS-plus games that we have listed below in the article for you (Source: PlayStation Blog ).

The new free games at a glance

In Spongebob Squarepants: Battle of Bikini Bottom – rehydrated you have to defend in the roles of SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy Bikini Bottom in front of a huge robotary army and maneuver through a large amount of colorful levels.

  • Metascore: 68 points / user score: 8.9 out of 10 points

Who wants, can make this task with a friend in coop mode – optionally online or together on a PlayStation.

In Hood: Outlaws & Legends you connect as a thief with three other medieval briefs together to secretly shake robbers together. The trick on the matter: In addition to your group, it also has another team on the well guarded treasures. **

  • Metascore: 68 points / user score: 6.8 out of 10 points

In addition to the NPCs you have to deal with the opposing players. This is especially at Teamwork .

Who is that too hectic, maybe you will find with slay the spire the right game for yourself. The mix of Roguelike and card game has been considered a true insider tip for a few years for thousands of fans and offers a motivating gameplay spiral that always motivates you to continue playing.

  • Metascore: 88 points / user score: 7.0 out of 10 points

PlayStation Plus: You can secure this free games in March

These four free games can be secured until 4 April 2022 :

  • Ghostrunner (PS5) (View in PS Store)
  • ARK: Survival Evolved (PS4 & PS5) (View in PS Store)
  • Team Sonic Racing (PS4 & PS5) (View in PS Store)
  • Ghost of Tsushima: Legends (PS4 & PS5) (View in PS Store)

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

The PS4 versions of ARK: Survival Evolved, Team Sonic Racing & Ghost of Tsushima: Legends can be gambled thanks to backward compatibility also from PS5 players . By contrast, Ghostrunner reserves only PS5 owners reserved.

12 months PlayStation Plus at Amazon View

PS5 player get exclusively offered this month Ghostrunner for free. In the super-fast action game you moved as a cyber-ninja through the levels, trying to avoid the bombardment of your opponent and follow them in melee fighting.

With ARK: Survival Evolved all fans of survival games come to their expense. In the game, her virtually naked stranded on a beach and have to try to secure your survival. But in the beginning, you are putting on simple tools and wooden huts, but during the game, however, you are always available for building properties and blueprints for armor, tools and weapons that make life easier for you.

Oh yes – and we already mentioned that you also tame Dinos and ride on them? Awesome, right? It is just as awesome that you can gamble the game together with your friends.

You are looking forward to an arcade racer? Then a look in Team Sonic Racing is worthwhile. In the Mario-Kart alternative, you can hatch in the roles of many characters of the Sonic Universe and trade both online and offline on the couch with your friends.

And another treat for co-fans: with Ghost of Tsushima: Legends you can sneak through the feudal Japan together with your friends as Samurai. Four classes are available to you, each offers your own strengths and weaknesses. You can either follow the storyline-resolved storyline, plunge with three friends in survival mode or measure you against them in 2-counter-2 mode.

What is PlayStation Plus – and is that worthwhile?

To play online, you need a PlayStation Plus subscription to the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5.
This allows you to use the multiplayer mode and provides you cloud storage for SAVE games and other.
In addition, you get special offers in the PlayStation Store , which only get members and finally at least two free games a month.

New PlayStation Plus is CRAZY!!! 700 GAMES including PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS4, and PS5 all on there!
12 months PlayStation Plus at Amazon View
Does the money cost? Yes, the service costs you in the year 59.99 euros, for three months you pay € 24.99 and 8.99 euros for a month.
From time to time, the individual subscriptions are also offered reduced.
This is either directly via the PlayStation Store or at Amazon – because you select a PS-Plus card by mail or redeemable code.
But do not forget: From June 2022 Sony changes the abo models for PlayStation Plus and puts the online service completely upside down.

BVB Talents win Cup

The offspring of Borussia Dortmund stands in the semifinals of the Westphalian dressing board. The U19 of BVB defied a completely treasured first half.

Against the a-juniors of the VfL Bochum, the leader of the A-Junior Bundesliga West in front of the local backdrop after 45 minutes was already at 0: 2 behind. The two goals introduced Bochums Florian Berisha to the BVB.

In the break, Coach Mike Tullberg responded and brought Colin Noah Kleine-Bekel for Noah Mrosek and Abu-Bekir Ömer El Zein for Filippo Calixte Mane into the game – a trick that obviously picked up.

After 52 minutes Dennis Lütke Frie achieved the connection, only three minutes later Samuel Bamba succeeded in equalizer, the last gate of the game.

Inside DFB-Cup: wild celebrations from the dressing room | Leipzig - BVB 1:4

The decision was ultimately falling in penalty shooting and here the BVB-Youngster did not give up any floors. Göktan Gürpüz, small-sweet, El-Zein, Michel Simon and Farouk Kayode Cissé lost Bochum-Keeper Finn Gregor Kotyrba and cared for penalty shooting for the narrow 7: 6 victory.

BVB does not just want to be there

The Dortmund is the first team in the leakage round of the Cup competition. In the further quarterfinal matches, the TSG Sprockhövel meets Arminia Bielefeld (06 April) and the SSV Buer 07/28 on SV Rödinghausen (April 24).

The FC Schalke 04 is still waiting for the team that calls him on 06 April. The opponent of the U19 of the scarce is determined between the TSC Eintracht Dortmund and the SC Prussia Münster.

It is already clear that the BVB meets in the semifinals on Buer or Rödinghausen and goes into play as a clear favorite. Tullberg, however, realized that the competition is by no means underestimated. “We do not work in any competition to only be there. This is not the claim of Borussia Dortmund”, we quoted the Dane on “bvb.de”.

“Dungeons & Dragons” CRPG Series Collection “Gold Box Classics” STEAM version delivery start!

SNEG has delivered the STEAM version of “Dungeons & Dragons” based computer RPG series, “Dungeons & Dragons” based on the 80th to 90s.


この「Gold Box Classics」はテーマ別にバンドルされており、「Forgotten Realms: The Archives Collection One」、「Forgotten Realms: The Archives – Collection Two」、「Forgotten Realms: The Archives – Collection Three」、「Dungeons & Dragons : Krynn Series, Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Sun Series, “Dungeons & Dragons: Ravenloft Series” is available (STRONGHOLD: Kingdom Simulator ‘and “AL-QADIM: The Genie’s Curse” are delivered alone). See also past articles for the recording title of each bundle.

You can easily enjoy nostalgic titles with convenient launcher and Dosbox support, “Gold Box Classics”. The price is 1,010 yen for each bundle (“Collection Three” 620 yen), and 15% off will be applied until April 6th. We also offer a great deal buffer bundle.

Legend of Zelda: Landscaping of wild breath, 2023

Breath of the Wild 2 Delayed to Spring 2023
‘Legend of Zelda: The release date of the wild breath’ was postponed in spring 2023.

On the 29th, the Legend of Zelda’s Legend Series, Aounma Age, said, “Legend of the Legend of Zelda: Wild Breathse” through Nintendo YouTube Official Channel.

In 2019, the first “Legend of the Zelda” through Nintendo Direct, the Legend of the Wild Breaths’ was scheduled to be released in 2022 as a subsequent “Zelda’s legend: wild breath” in the game system.

Aounma Age has made a decision to delay a little more time for development, and I had a decision to postponed. He also said, “For a more special game experience, the entire development team is continuing to continue to make a game, and it would be a little longer,” he said, “he said.

Meanwhile, the Legend of Zelda: The background of the wild breath of the wild has been extended to the sky as well as the land, and you can enjoy a much more variety of features, including new meetings and new gameplay elements.

Random: Ratchet & Clanks Rivet was almost also Ratchet

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is great for many reasons, but the introduction of rivet is probably the most important. The Lombax woman from another dimension is an excellent new character of the series and has become almost instantly a fans favorite. As part of a GDC presentation, in which Mark Stuart of Insomniac Games talked about the realization of this PlayStation 5 exclusivity, he explained how the studio designed the new protagonist, including his name.

It turns out that the rivet name was actually a quite late revelation. For a while, she was called Ratchette, but the team decided that it minimized the character and put too much emphasis on her sex. Following this, she became known for a long time under the name of Ratchet. “After all, she and Ratchet are technically dimensional counterparts,” Stuart explained. “Ratchet is a non-genreal name. “Of course, have two main characters both named Ratchet caused a lot of headaches,” it lasted a while, but finally made every draft of the very confusing story… at a time when the treatments of the History were quickly repeated, it was difficult to say in what dimension you were, but also of which rachet you were talking. »

Then, the name of the character has been changed to gadget, but that did not suit the team either. It was not until a meeting later in the development that the name Rivet was launched and immediately adopted.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Insomniac Insights | PS5

Having two characters named Ratchet would have been extremely confusing, we are obviously delighted that this has not happened. Nevertheless, it is a brilliant anecdote for development. You can know a little more about Stuart’s GDC on IGN.

Elden Ring and his hidden bestiary: Abandoned Project or Breakingout?

Elden Ring’s intermediate lands is a vast world that players have been exploring for just over a month. Many of the mysteries of the game have been discovered, including the walls that should be hit 50 times to break through and access what is behind. However, it seems that Elden Ring still has many secrets…

A Bestiary?

So he discovered it @ Jesterpatches on Twitter, who uses unconventional methods to explore all the secrets of the Games of Software. In the past, the player had discovered a large amount of content hidden in the Dark Souls folders. This time, he addressed the new title. In fact, a Bestiary , with a list of all enemies, would have hidden among the files of the game.

Elden Ring: Secret Area after Update

Tweet Translation: _ “Looking at the game files I found a few icons that make me believe that at some point a bestiary was planned. There are 128 icons that show different NPCs. Each NPC shown has 2 icons, one in Gray and another filling, so it could be not found and found. “_

We see two types of icons, the light gray color , in which the NPCs can be clearly seen, and those of more gray color , which only show their general silhouette. As in a classic bestiary and as Jesterpatches said, this could refer to the NPCs found and / or defeated, and those who remain to be discovered.

It is not specified that it is effectively a bostiary but 128 icons from different game entities present in the file so suggest. The user also tells this Add: _ “Then, there are 64 unique icons. It goes from ordinary soldiers to noble, animals, semihumans, even sacroderms and some that I do not recognize, but I do not see any important boss between them.” _

A next project? Or an abandoned project?

This is a question for which unfortunately we still do not have the answer. It is true that the game does not have a bostiary and that this could be a quite useful addition. On the negative side, it would not follow exactly the “Game Guidelines”.

Let’s explain. Elden Ring is an open world, whose goal is to allow the player to live his adventure with total independence. No record of missions or bestiary is not made available, with the real objective of making the game very realistic.

Therefore, it may be that the developers of the game want maintain this realism and that the “bestiary” seen by Jesterpatches is, unfortunately, only an abandoned project on the road.

An object?

Another interesting theory presented by @ Evilcookie on a DISCORD server, the icons could fit into an object (also non-existent in the game) called “St Trina’s Crystal Ball”, which copies the haze of dreams of any entity. The hypothetically object would capture the essence of a sleeping enemy to use the skills of it.

Visually, icons fit with the crystal ball in question. Could it be a coincidence? Although Elden Ring players would surely be happy to see landing a bestiary at the next update, from Software has not confirmed anything. Therefore, it will be necessary to have patience to see what the company has reserved for the future of Elden Ring.

Why “Goddess Tensei”? Original novel author reveals the anecdote that is involved in the series

Novelist, Nishitani Historic, known in the Digital Devil Story series, reveals various anecdotes such as why the title of “ Goddess Tensei ” has been decided by Twitter.

Looking Back At Catherine | Gaming Retrospective

It began with the “Digital Devil Story Goddess Tensei” released for Family Computers in 1987, and is the RPG series of Atlas, which is the “true / goddess tense” series, but its original Volume 1 “Digital Devil” · Why did you become such a title “Story Goddess Tensei”?

According to Tweet, the title of “Goddess Tensei” itself was considered by Mr. Nishitani History of the original, but it was also suffered from other drives such as “Digital Devil Story” and “Reincarnation 〇” and proposed to the editorial department. Mr. Horio Suzuki, who was the editorial length of the time, is “” Never “Goddess Tensei”. This is a wisdom of the crane that sells “.

At that time, “Goddess Tensei”, which was developing with various media, OVA was also released, but “Goddess Tensei 2” was not produced. This OVA had no financial problem due to the reservation from Europe before the release of the Japanese version, but “Next is” Let’s make the “Me God Tensei”, Mr. Nishitani. It is said that the plan was delayed because it was furious. Also, it is said that various people were killed by having killed a certain important character.

Since Nishitani’s Twitter, various anecdotes are also spoken, so how do you check the “Digital Devil Story” and “Goddess Tensei” and “True / Goddess Tensei” fans?

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands, List of Legendary Weapons

Find out where and how to find legendary weapons and pounds in Tiny Tina‘s Wonderlands. Whether linked to a group of monster or a precise boss we will add small to small weapons.

The best weapons of Tiny Tina‘s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Amazing Legendaries That Change The Game (Tiny Tina Wonderland Legendaries

It is important to define that there is no better weapon strictly speaking. Many factors allow you to gauge the power of a weapon but only one account actually: that it adapts to your gameplay.

For example if you are more comfortable with a sights or in the opposite your character is based on body-to-body skills, your needs are changing at the same time as your gaming experience.

Thus, we propose you a list below of the weapons encountered without sorting them by power. The key points that will be highlighted will be where to hire them and what are their peculiarities that make them unique.

All legendary weapons of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands:

This list will be updated regularly at the same time as our tests. Moreover the name of the arms not translated, they will appear in English on our guide. _

IMPORTANT NOTE, DO NOT TAKE THE VALUES OF THE STATISTICS OF EACH WORLD, they evolve according to the level of bosses vanquished. This level depends on that of your character, so we advise you to farmer legendary weapons once high level.

Legendary pistols

Masterwork Handbow of Strking

How to get it: Unknown

Extremely formidable, this pistol merged with an arc draws only one ball. In case of critical blow, it is automatically recharged and generates 5 firing around the target.

If you play skills based on critical shots, this weapon is totally overpultering.

legendary machine guns (SMG)

Volley of the MISTS

How to get it: Reward Chaos Chaos

Very effective to ignite your opponents. This machine gun is simple to take in hand while drastically increasing the power of an elemental build.

Important note, the more you pull with the weapon the more it becomes precise.


How to get it: Unknown

As the Volley of the Mists weapon, this legendary weapon is perfect for freezing your opponent.

It is quite dependent on the body with a target that describes as you shoot. Thus it is ideal for elemental build build.

Legendary pump rifles

Reign of Arrows of Strking

How to get it: Overcoming a black magic eye crab »

Specifically, it is looted during the secondary quest “diplomatic relations” against a crab with a black magic eye.

This weapon raises arrows in a circle area which is incredible against static monsters. Against the bosses it realizes a real carnage.

However pay attention to buying maximum ammunition for use because it uses 7 minutes by shooting.

Discover all our articles on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

This article dedicated to Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, all legendary weapons is now over!

Discover our full class guide to better prepare your adventure.

When does Tiny Tinas Wonderlands appear on Steam?

Since Epic Games has become a great competitor against Steam, PC players were not too enthusiastic about installing a completely new playing library to play games. There are so many launchers out there that it’s hard to notice what game belongs to which Launcher, so people would rather summarize all their games in a library. Then comes the question, will and when is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands released on Steam?

When does Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands appear on Steam?

Unfortunately, there is no confirmed release date for the Looter Shooter, which should appear on Steam . Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands seems to be a timed epic games exclusivity, just like Borderlands 3 at that time, when it was first released. If there is a way to predict when the game will appear, we can look back on the exclusive period during Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 had a six-month exclusivity period at Epic Games. So if we would follow this trend, the game could possibly come out in September. Do not bet on this month to look forward to it. Exclusivity periods may take longer, which therefore depends on what other developments come.

Fortunately, if it is released on the PC, it will be more optimized and hopefully hoped for his mistakes. Given the lasting failures of Shift, there is currently no reliable experience to play cooperatively. In addition, the game will have CrossSplay, which can be activated on all platforms on PC and console.

At the latest when the game appears on Steam, people who have waited to know now about all farming spots, optimal builds and other important guidelines to improve their game. The only downside is that it would be difficult to avoid spoilers between now and the end of the exclusive period.


Tiny Tinas Wunderland is now available for Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC via Epic Games.

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