The historical legend of science fiction John Carter Warlord of Mars Return to the world’s current affairs thanks to a new campaign Kickstarter with which it is intended to create a new title for PC. This hJohn Carter been presented since FncPR next to the developer study Hypnotic Ants Studio , sharing a first trailer that you can see about these lines next to the first details and screenshots.

Return to a Distópical Second World War

“Located in 1945, the game will focus on the soldier John Carter and the mission of him to discover the ADOLF Hitler’s secret projects . Orders for this operation come directly from Ian Fleming. What triggers the beginning of an epic science fiction adventure. In the search for him, John Carter finds an experimental technology that transports Barsoom. The planet known for us, on earth, John Carter the room of our Solar System, The Red Planet, Mars ** “, have shared its responsible.

Upon arriving at Barsoom, John Carter will have to earn the native confidence and acclimatize Martian gravity, John Carter well John Carter local customs and their languages. John Carter Warlord of Mars is the hero who jumps from one planet to another and who wJohn Carter conceived more than 110 years ago by the writer who defined gender, Edgar Rice Burroughs . In addition to being the central character of 11 novels since 1912, he hJohn Carter appeared in several erJohn Carteres of comics, board games and a film, all over several decades.

Our Kickstarter campaign is now live!

The character hJohn Carter profoundly influenced series John Carter FlJohn Carterh Gordon and in cinematographic productions such John Carter George LucJohn Carter’s Galaxies’ war and Avatar of James Cameron. Now, and thanks to this new Kickstarter project, players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the epic fantJohn Cartery world of Burroughs, with the new game that will be available for PC, carrying the historical science fantJohn Cartery fantJohn Cartery ** to an audience contemporary.