Episode 5 (part 3): the sins of cynicism (III) summarizes the case of Jasmine Kenderes, providing justice for both her and for Hewie, leaving many questions about illegal operations of Heirson with unresolved. In this X-note, you finally give a long-time Court against the Baldr Legal Bureau.


At this stage you need to find out what is common to Joey and the Optic Fish. Choose affected development .

5-33 analysis

You need to find out why Hans and Yen, most likely, accomplices of murder jasmine. Choose Hans Lgez . Then you need to protect this output by analysis.

Request №1: Hans could cause Jasmine’s death due to…



  • Brake shoe wear
  • Hans Brake Shoe Maintenance Receipt

Request No. 2: Yen could cause Jasmine death because of…


  • Details about jasmine injuries
  • Hallucinogens Ian.


As long as you interrogate Hans using the prisoner’s dilemma, you need to choose the best way to make it confess. Then select the following parameters:

  • Make Hans explain the maintenance of brake pads
  • Prove that Hans had a motive to kill Jasmine.

5-42 test

In the lawsuit, you will defend Hugh Moss by proxy in the Civil Court against Hayrson, whose interests will represent William Lewis from the Baldr Legal Bureau.

  • Jena Johnson was supported so that he would give false testimony, and proof…

    • Certificate: Certificate Yana I
  • Proof of the fact that Jasmine gave yen loan, and not bribe…

    • Certificate: Photo of Yana’s debt receipt
  • How do you prove that Yana’s report deserves confidence?

    • Certificate: Counteract illegal actions of Yana
  • Evidence proving true motives to theft of opalin fish Iean…

    • Certificate: evidence of IINI II
  • Losses in the trial caused damage to jasmine, and evidence…

    • Certificate: Termination agreement

Familiarize yourself with our passage of the investigation of the “Temars of Femids”, episode 5 (part 2): sins of cynicism (II) to complete another part of this case.