How to save $10,000 FAST | #1 Money Saving Tip EVERYONE should know
The fuel prices have been in climbing flight for months. A relaxation on the gas stations is not in sight because of the conflict in Ukraine. On the contrary: It is expected that prices continue to go upwards over the next few weeks. According to an evaluation of the ADAC, car driver must pay in Germany for a liter Super E10 in the federal resource over 2,20 Euro . Even more dramatic is the increase in Diesel , * which is now much more expensive than Super E10. A liter already costs an average of * 2.30 euros . In order to recharge evenly as possible and to save hundreds of euros to the entire year, you need a little know-how and the right app. This reveals them at which daytime and at which petrol station they find the cheapest price. * Super E10 and E5 mix – may you? For whom it is worthwhile * Recharge at the right time: That’s the perfect time ## App Recommendation: Clever refuel