Rorthin was originally launched for PS5 at the beginning of 2021 and received tons of praise and praise from critical combat and fast-paced shooting. The game Rogue-Lite has received some updates since then, along with some improvements in the quality of life, but Housemarque has just announced its greatest free update so far: Ascension. Here is all you need to know about Returnal: the release date of ascension and when you can expect it to fall.

When is RURNAL spear: Ascension?

Update 3.0, also known as ascension, will be launched March 22 . This means that we are less than two weeks from seeing new content in Return, which provides players the opportunity to re-immerse themselves in this spooky science fiction world and see the new tower of Sisyphus.


One of the main characteristics of Rorthin: Ascension is the introduction in a cooperative way. While this game is still better as an adventure for a single player, players can access a new chrononosis portal near the entrance to join or organize a public game, or start a session with a friend.

In cooperative mode, players will have the ability to revive others when one falls, and they can also explore atropos much more efficiently.

Tower of Sisyphus

In addition to the new cooperative mode, ascension also has Tower of Sisyphus, which is essentially an endless mode for RURNAL.

In Tower of Sisyphus, you will have the challenge of overcoming as many levels as possible as the difficulty increases. According to Housemarque, the Sisyphus tower has no end, which means that your goal is simply to see how far you can strive before finally succumb to your enemies.

Rorthin: Ascension will be available for free on March 22 for all users. Make sure you search for update or consult our wiki guide to get more information about the game.

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