The Divine Tower of West Atlus is a somewhat hidden tower in Elden Ring that you need to uncover when you want to activate it Rykards Rune . There are a few prerequisites to access this area in Elden Ring, and in this manual we explain how to just go to the Divine Tower of West Atlus and can activate Rykards Rune.

How to get to the Divine Tower of West Atlus?

First of all, the Divine Tower of West Atlus is hidden. Deep inside a cave with numerous illusory walls (and a mini-boss) you will find the gateway to the divine tower of West Atlus as well as a number of different items such as forgings, a bell bearing and even a mini boss. To get access to the Divine Tower of West Atlus, you must go to the sealed tunnels in the capital district of Elden Ring. If you have not made it to the sealed tunnel, read this guide for complete instructions.

As soon as you enter the tunnel, you will find that it is quite small, but if you want around a little, you will find that there are numerous hidden paths. Look at the video above for the exact path.

If you try to get into the tower, it will be closed unless you have beaten Rykard and you have the Rune. So please look at this guide to defeat Rykard so that you can actually get into the tower. In short, you will want to snatch the sword of the snake hunter, and if you want a simple boss fight, just set it up and you can kill it with ease in both forms.

Elden Ring: How to Get to Divine Tower West Atlus - Activate Rykard's Rune

Rykard Lord of Blasphemy Easy fight

And that’s it. As long as you have the rune, you should be able to create it fairly easily through the area of ​​the sealed tunnel. Once you’ve done it Tower of West Atlus There are no other enemies to fight. Just go to the elevator and up to the top of the tower to activate the rune.

In these Elden Ring Guides you will find more tips and tricks like this. Elden Ring is now available for XBox, PlayStation and PC.

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