Nintendos Oled-Switch could not fulfill the expectation of many fans. I, however, got exactly what I always wanted. Thanks to the new Nintendo handheld, I can also safely wait a little longer on the PS5.

A comment by Robert Kohlick

The OLED Switch is not a revolution

Since a felt eternity, there were rumors in the network to a Nintendo Switch Pro. According to insider reports, the new version of the handheld console should offer significantly more power than the original. Many fans have long dreamed of this hardware upgrade. A switch with which you can finally play the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in 4k or maybe even in 60 fps – that would be the hammer, right?

A few months ago, Nintendo now introduced his brand new switch – and disillusionment could hardly have been greater. The OLED model sets the same hardware under the hood as the original , the changes can almost be counted on one hand:

  • The display grows from 6.2 to 7 inches.
  • Instead of an IPS panel, an OLED screen is used.

  • The Kickstand is now much wider and more stable.
  • The dock of the OLED switch offers a LAN connection and an active cooling.
  • The built loudspeakers of the handheld console blade a little better.
  • The internal memory grows from 32 to 64 GB.

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For many fans that was too little, I can understand that. Nevertheless, I have pre-ordered the new OLED switch directly and exchanged the new console against my original switch. But what did me ride?

_The OLED model The Nintendo Switch offers some interesting innovations. But worth a upgrade for you? We reveal it to you in the video: _

OLED blast: The new switch eliminates all my criticisms

I love my Nintendo Switch. When I gave my handheld console a little more than 3 years ago, I would never have thought that I would close her in her heart. Especially on the way, the switch is often used for me. But exactly there is a point that disturbs me on the original: the display . The IPS panel of the switch may be and really okay for itself, but compared to the OLED screens of modern smartphones, it actually looks old baking. This is not just the built-in panel, also the huge black edges around the screen make the original switch as a device made of gray temporary. No wonder, the handheld console has meanwhile more than 5 years on the hump!

In addition, my old switch was still the first version of the handheld console. Since 2019, Nintendo has only sold the new version of the switch, which offers a significantly better battery life as my old carrot. Although I have almost always in reach of the train and co-bus and Co. almost always a socket within reach, yet there are donations from time to time, in which I would be a little more battery life very much.

_Einige our criticisms have already been solved with the OLED version – but others continue to persist: _

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If You Just Bought A Nintendo Switch OLED, I Have Bad News For You...

The two points were completely sufficient for me to make me the “OLED upgrade” of the switch tasty. Do I want to say that I find the price of currently 359 euros justified? No way! The handheld console is rationally excessively overpriced if you think about what is built for old technology. For most of the players, the acquisition of the new OLED switch is simply worthwhile, which also gives Nintendo open. Therefore, I can also understand if many people are from the traditional company Veralt.

_Also College Frank is deferplosed by the OLED switch: _


Still in the power hole: Why the OLED switch is a disappointment

Frank Knight

On the other hand, I am more than satisfied with my purchase. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks almost like a completely new game on the new display for me. I can wait a little longer for the PS5 .