Bilibili is that the application “Final Gear-Senki-Senki-” (iOS / Android) for the smartphone underwritten is held March 15, 2022 (Tuesday) I knew it.

# Event [Curse of the bride]

Holding period:
March 29 until 10:59
※ Participation in the event must clear the main story “3-3”

Final Gear Gameplay | Mech RPG (Android & iOS)

▼ Reprint Pickup

Pickup target (pilot):
SSR Patti (CV: Sakura Sun) Shooting

※ After the end of the period, we will continue to appear from a limited period of time
Exchangeable dedicated machine: Bubble gum

Holding period:
March 29 until 10:59

◆ Notes
※ From “Pilot Details”, you can check the detailed information of the target pilot
※ If you have acquired the SSR pilot to be picked up, you can earn “Strain” x 30 of the target dedicated machine
※ Please check “detailed information” for the benefits of each step
※ Please be sure to check “probability details” for lineup
※ “Strain” of the target dedicated machine is automatically converted to “oriented development parts” after the end of the holding period

# Jasmine’s UR ban

Target pilot:

CV: Izumi Azu
Attributes: sniper
Dedicated Machine: Rosengoost

# Game Overview

This work is the end of the end of the end of the end of the three colors between the three colors, and the player is the player, and the player is the pilot that controls the boarding-type machine armored weapon “finalgear” as the chief of the mercenary “Black Arc”. Lead, you will be able to throw yourself in various battles.

Combat is a horizontal scroll action form that is progressing in real time, making use of the combination of unit characteristics and types to make full use of a wide range of strategies.
In addition, we can collect and train the total of 100 beautiful girl pilots, and customize the parts of the aircraft that each boarding can be customized freely.

▼ IOS version download page ▼ Android version Download page

# Game Overview

Title: “Final Gear-Senki-Senki-” Genre: Beautiful Girl × Craft Mecha RPG Operator: Bilivi Bilivi Co., Ltd. official site: Compatible terminal: iOS 10 or more / Android 5.0 or more ※ Some terminal may not correspond to the terminal Price: Basic play free (item charge system)