Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hui) and the Korea Creative Content Agency (President johyeonrae, less cone epicenter) is promoting the expansion content, the financial system for the domestic content business growth foundation.

This year, ▲ contents valuation, ▲ cultural content for the investment company warranty, ▲ K content innovation, growth warranties, ▲ Content IP assurance, ▲ cultural industries such as complete assurance plan to support the loan-to-‧ attract a total of 400 yeoeok original size. In particular, the launch of new investment content, valuation services, and will seek the content of intellectual property (IP) and online video services (OTT) lasts for customized warranty support investment in the industry by expanding the ‧ loan spread on fields.

◆ Investment Valuation content released a new genre, linked investment funds to attract increased support for strengthening cooperation

‘Content value for the investment evaluation’ is a project that supports investment by venture to recommend to the General the possibility of content production commercialization stage evaluation. Targeted at operators who engage in the cultural contents industry game ▲, ▲ shows, ▲ animation, ▲ support the film, ▲ Musical, ▲ Real Madrid, ▲ concerts and evaluate content value for the investment of the seven areas.

In particular, to attract to accelerate its cooperation with the new release by expanding its services genre to nine, the first valuation No.3 formed last service for music and e-Learning genres linked funds (122 billion won, managers Logan Ventures) solid content investment this year the will to try.

◆ content planning – production – commercialization, IP licensing, OTT distribution sector, including enhanced support tailored warranty

Content Assurance Scheme is the scheme that the credit guarantee fund is in progress to support the audit assurance warranty for content companies like the cone seismic evaluation. A content company gives preferential treatment to limit the warranty and warranty rates, guarantee fees, etc.

‘Cultural contents assurance’ is content planning – production – supplies customized financing the commercialization stage, ▲ game, ▲ shows, ▲ animation, ▲ movies, ▲ music, ▲ performances (musical ‧ concert), ▲ cartoon, ▲ published ( the e-book), ▲ character, ▲ 10 genres such knowledge ‧ content solutions and services. Guarantee limit within said up to 10 billion, it may be added to the 2.5% P reduction of lending rates for up to one year.

Content IP assurance ‘is intended for multi-USE ▲ wonsoseu (OSMU) content creation, ▲ licensing products and services provided funding for the excellent content spread IP. Guarantee limits said around one billion won, IP holding companies and companies that want to take advantage of available IP content are all possible applications. OSMU content production funds of enterprises using IP is also included in the supported starting this year.

‘K Content Innovation Growth Guarantee’ is a system that was introduced last year, for innovative growth of the content industry. Global ▲, ▲ non-face-to-face, ▲, and the three target areas such as technology convergence, warranty limit is less than 10 million won. Starting this year, including the content is also supported for production at home and abroad for the purpose of OTT distribution platform will strive to domestic content distribution competitiveness.

“Cultural industries complete assurance ‘is issued a certificate as collateral content item to be completed in the future, the company entered into a content distributor and content distribution ‧ line sales contracts to support the lending targets. Support genre game ▲, ▲ movies, ▲ broadcasting said a total of 10 sectors, publishing sector this year has been newly added. Guarantee limits can provide up to receive around 15 billion won, up to 3 billion won only in broadcasting and film sectors.

◆ 19 Corona industry and to support the recovery rebate scheme for overcoming the damage

Meanwhile, the broadcast video promotion fund loan support “project plans to supply a total of 130 billion won in the field of independent producers broadcast video, for the growth of cable PP ▲ program production funds, ▲ facilities construction fund, ▲ management funding. Depending on the sector, and financing support up to 2 to 500,000,000 years 1.5 billion won, ▲ in the case of utilizing the company and ▲ jobs, support businesses, ▲ Broadcasting standard contract suffered direct ‧ indirect damage to coronal 19 corporate prime rate apply subject.

This year, who will be reimbursed an additional interest of up to 0.2% P ‘interest rebate system’ has been established, companies increase the subsequent financing runs corporate sales or exports more than 20% for overcoming the company wisely Corona 19 crisis.

Last year, funded by the content companies can take all financial institutions in various fields achieved excellent results. TV Chosun drama ㈜ jidam media recorded the highest rating, married songwriter divorce composer ‘series’ broadcast video promotion fund loan support “received business support for production funding,” show Humidors lucky balls “of Naver Real Madrid popular works ㈜ gimseongmo studio’ cultural industries received support complete assurance ‘content complete financing business.

Con epicenter johyeonrae president is hoping to lead the content-to-‧ financing enabled by the said “Content banking system,” it is what needs a more stable production foundation through financial support to the sustainable popularity of K content, “Connecting the corporate and financial sector “he said.

Business area for more information and how to apply seismic cone nurijip ( are available through the corporate business application you want each business is equipped with an announcement eligibility and application forms can Valuation System ( ) If you are accepted. ▲ contents valuation for the investment of each month at any time received, ▲ how can guarantee schemes 11 pm 10 days from the first day of the month, ▲ Broadcasting promotion fund loan support (1st announcement) has received support Thurs., March 24 17:00 possible.