Vampire Survivors: Unfinished
Indie Leveloper Poncle started delivery of new update “patch 0.3.1” for Lowered Viewpoint ACT “ Vampire Survivors ” on March 13. Bonus stages, new characters, new weapon evolution, etc. have been implemented, and it is also mentioned in the future prospects in patch notes.

“Vampire Survivors” is a look-up perspective action game during early access delivery in Steam. “If you die from almost once,” “weapons and abilities choose from random lineup”, such as so-called roglike works that are often found in recent years. As it is easy to play with one hand, it is a work that gameplay to be crazy and gameplay is popular and has many players at STeam (related articles).

In this patch 0.3.1, new female characters appear first. A new evolutionary form has been added to a certain weapon. Besides, the gold required for unlocking of power-up “skip” was relieved and the level can be raised. Also added a new bonus stage. This can be visited by clearing the specific conditions, and the voNus stage videos are also served to dancing to poisonous flowers.

And it is also touched about the prospects of future updates. At the end of the early access delivery start, the completeness was estimated to be 60%. However, it is said that a large number of factors are included in the early access delivery start to the load map to the formal version. It seems that the content addition frequency due to the patch has become expected for the developer. In light of such circumstances, it is said that a major announcement summarized about future roadmaps and coordination policies in the near future. In addition, new game mechanics that have been previously earned from before will be implemented in April next month.

Looking back on the update history of this work, it will be understood that some content and function addition have been added once a week. Frequent updates that developer have not expected, may be one of the elements that support the popularity of this work.

“Vampire Survivors” is currently delivering early access to PC (STeam). In the current version, there are also up to 95% Japanese response. If you want to try the game once, you may want to touch the demo version of the published in ITCH.IO.