Anillo de Elden is full of NPC to become a friend or fight, but a character, Blaidd, has been particularly interesting for players. He is a beast with a humanoid structure and was used in the promotions of anillo of Elden before the launch of the game to show what he saw that he seemed to be an enemy that the players could find at some point. It turns out that he is actually a partner who looks intimidating on the outside, very similar to Manscorpion Tark of dark 2_. Even better, you can also look intimidating like him if you take the set of armor of him.

Most of the armor can be purchased quite simply if you follow the Blaidd search line, as well as Ranni’s search, the witch to which he serves. But whether you have reached the point that you can acquire the set of armor of it or not, you will find that the mask of it is not part of the set that you give you.

While that is inconvenient, it makes sense. Blaidd’s disheveled wolf’s face is actually his own face, not a mask, so, naturally, you would not get her with the rest of her armor. To find that piece that is missing, or to get it long before you can get the rest of the armor of it, you will have to go to where the search for Ranni begins.

First, go to the northwest Liurnia in the area where the three towers called Ranni’s Rise, Selvis’s Rise and Renna’s Rise are located. You can see it on the map below as a reference. You will want to go to the Selvis’s Rise tower marked accordingly.

The tower is the grumpy home and conceited sorcerer, but we are not worried at the moment. Instead of entering the tower, turn left and will notice some debris along the crumbling part of a wall that looks like a privileged place of platforms for Torrent. It calls your faithful steed and ascends for what remains of the wall until you have turned around the back of the tower.

How to Get the OP ROYAL GREATSWORD - Blaidd Armor & Wolf Mask - Location Guide - Elden Ring!
There, you will see a lonely body sitting on the remains of the wall with an object waiting to be collected. That is the black wolf mask, an article described as “a mask made from the head of a black wolf”. It is explained in more detail in the description that was used by a killer who tried to get through Blaidd, presumably to approach Ranni.

With the mask in hand, you will have the first or the last part of Blaidd’s armor depending on where you are in the game. It does not have special qualities that increase the attributes or anything like that, but it looks great, and that is perhaps even more important than defensive properties when it comes to armor. Anillo de Elden.