Am Mainzer 1: 0 On this 27th matchday there was no doubt: Jonathan Burkardt had brought his colors in front in the comparison with Bielefeld after about 30 seconds. Just a quarter of an hour later, everything was clear to the observer: Moussa Nakhaté nodded ball towards Gate, where Arminen-Keeper Stefan Ortega was cleaned and held the ball in front of the line.

That thought at least the goalkeeper and his teammates. Not but referee Felix Zwayer, who first decided on goal and thus 2: 0. The reason: his watch, which was connected to the four-established goallining technology, had vibrated. The referee explained the loudly complaining of Bielefelder – everyone progressing goalkeepers Ortega – then.

Zwayer: “I wanted to make myself a picture”

Luck for the guests: For the past seven years, more accurate since the season 2015/16, the Var part of the professional football and video assistant Martin Thomsen as well as partner Philipp Hüwe took a short time contact with Zwayer, that here does not vote here could.

Zwayer so showed the video proof sign, step out of the TV screen and studied all settings. There was clearly that the ball had never exceeded the goal line in full. And so the FIFA referee, who had recently decided to continue as a referee, could take the right decision to take the right decision: 2-0 withdraw. After a brief explanation of the subsequent demanding Mainz around Niakhaté, a big mistake was thus avoided.

The provider must evaluate the evaluation.

Felix Zwayer over the wrong goal alarm on his watch

“SR decision: No goal, reason of the exam: Ball in the gate?, Final decision: no goal,” the DFB twisted for the impartial DFB for the scene.

After the game, Zwayer also turned to itself – and gave weaknesses in technology: “The provider must evaluate that. We have heard that the system has been checked in the game and that a malfunction has actually been a malfunction.” The 40-year-old, according to their own statements during the scene itself, the desire to look at the scene on the video screen: “I really wanted. I wanted to make myself a picture of myself. It also offered me the opportunity to authentically convey the players to players “

The Mainz Sports Director Martin Schmidt said, “The technology has played a prank. It was a mistake of technology, which is there too.”