The food is a constant need for the players fondé. You have to consume regular food, but find it can be a little boring. To get it, you must eliminate insects or fend for gland pieces and basic mushrooms. Create a mushroom garden is a great way to make sure you always have food available before going to adventure with your friends.

You can learn the recipe from the mushroom garden after finding a tall of glans. These usually fall closer to the oak, you want to go to the east of the initial spawning and look around the area. You need a pebble hammer or better to break it and collect the pieces. To create the mushroom garden, you need four ingredients: eight woven fibers, six weed stems, a glans high and an avarished meat.

Woven fibers are a common element to meet and manufacture in the game from the different grass fibers that you can find almost everywhere. The rods of weeds are a little more delicate. You must find a dandelion plant, treat it in the same way as a grass rod and cut it. The weed stems will be on the floor and you can bring them back to your camp. You can use the Top of Gland you have analyzed for the project, or find more at the base of the oak. The last element, the damaged meat, is something you can have by hanging in any form of insect meat, then letting it rest in your inventory or safe for a full day in the game. will become spoiled and you can use it in your garden.

Once you have all the ingredients, place your mushroom near your camp and visit it from time to time to pick the mushrooms. Although it is not the best food to eat, it’s an available article that you can take everywhere with you Fondé.