While you progress your way through the new Chapter 3, Season 2 Content available in Fourteen days Will you be able to work through the Battle Pass which offers the game gives you The ability to earn unique cosmetics through its system and gives you exclusive skins and cosmetics that are unlocked by playing the game and the completion of challenges.

However, some Battle passes exist the test of time, and others feel like a bit of cash. Does this Battle pass follow the pattern of the former or the latter? Find it out while we immerse yourself in the details, and let yourself know who all comes to fight and if it’s worth your time and your money!

Fortnite – Is it worth chapter 3, Season 2 Battle Pass?


With wonder The invasion of the world at the beginning of this season and the enormous amount of crossovers who had Fortnite in the past, it will be difficult for you to maintain the exciting pace, the former Battle Passes in the past, but This still offers an exciting amount of content for fans!

You will see eight unique skins, and a lot of cosmetics that allow you to equip your character. You receive:

  • The presented – 5 styles
  • Doctor Strange – No additional styles
  • Kiara Ko – 5 styles
  • Gunnar – 5 styles
  • Erisa – 6 styles
  • Driver – 2 styles
  • The origin – 5 styles
  • Tsuki 2.0 – 4 styles

And with each of these characters, you also switch free sprays, gliders, charging screens and a pickaxe fits to your character. See how you have until 3. June In order to unlock all contents contained, you have a lot of time to clear out different challenges and discover all the different secrets that the card has to offer.

Battle Passes are available for 950 VBucks or about $ 10 . For all the additional content you receive, it can be worthwhile, especially if you are a big fan of it Doctor weird or the villain virtual driver from Spiderman. These alone make this Battle Pass for Marvel fans worthwhile, but the other skins delivered with the game are not to be despised as they all offer a unique style and give the game their flair.

You can also sign up Fortnite-Crew that gives you additional cosmetics, as well as 1,000 VBucks per month . FORTNITE CREW is running $ 11.99 per month and allows you to access the battle pass at no extra cost, as it covers you for the entire season.

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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