Special Olympics Korea (President Yun, Lee, Lee, Ceremony) hosted by the Seoul Special Olympics Korea (President Seo Chang Woo), and the ‘2022 Special Olympics Korea E-Sports Competition, which has been hosted by the Ministry of Culture Physical Edition and the National Physical Education Promotion Corporation, Worked.

On the 19th, this tournament, which has been irrelevant to Daejeon E-Sports permanent stadium, has been conducted to Cart Rider Rush Plus single stock, and the development of the disabled persons with a developmental disability, and a player who are in a personal player, done.

The individual exhibition is the Choi, Jeong-chan, B Kim, Kun, C., C Jeong Min Young, D Joon-jung, and the integration,

Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011

All developed persons who participated in the game have showed a high level of performance, and the enthusiasm of participants in e sports.

In addition, in the integration, regardless of the winner, each other encourages each other, and all of the players have implemented the competition of the good, and delivered the warmth to those who see.

President Sok Lee, said, “I was able to have a lot of interest in the E-Sports Competition, which was first held in Special Olympics Korea, and I was able to take a rich and safe competition with the developmental players who participated in the competition.” I plan to plan and promote business, and I will try to expand myself in the domestic developmental disability e sports. “

D Zun Seo, who won the individual exhibition, said, “It is so happy that I am so happy. He was not able to do sports activities due to Corona 19, but she was good to participate in the sports competition. ” Kim Gun-Jong, who won the integrated champion, said, “” I feel good and I feel good and shine. I would like to have a special Olympic Korea E-sports tournament in the future, “he said,” he said.