The raid tests were finally appeared in the addition of the “Queen of Witch” in the Destiny 2 Rayade of the Student. This is a specific test, “rapid destruction”, requires a combat group to perform a certain task during the capture of the raid.

To perform “rapid destruction”, the combat group must to defeat all three irretended champions at the same time or within a few seconds from each other. A reliable way to cope with this task is to prepare challenges for champions and coordinate their slaughter after the appearance of each of them.

Of course, players will want to learn good about the collision with the acquisition before trying to solve this task. It makes no sense to make things more difficult than they should be when you are still learning the mechanics.

Champions may be stunned to minimize their intervention, or fully ignored if the specified combat group wants to paint. And, of course, the use of appropriate modes for champions processing will be crucial. Again, they are uncontrollable champions, therefore such modes, as unstoppable hand gun, the abundant pulse rifle, uncrediting Glef and the hell whip will be a hit this season.

To learn more about Destiny 2, read the notes to Corrections Destiny 2 in the game manuals for professionals.