Bunkers & Badasses is a table role play full of unique locations that arise directly from Tiny Tina’s mind. The world is not small, so she will want to cover ground as fast as possible to avoid wasting time. Here is How to travel fast at Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands .

Rapid trip in the wonders of Tiny Tina

To travel fast, open the map, then look at the quick trip menu on the left side of the screen. Use the D-PAD in PlayStation and Xbox, or the mouse on the PC to select your destination, whether local within the area or somewhere important outside the area such as Brighthoof or Overworld.

Then you can hold the button that appears on the right side of the map to teleport. When you are away from the central city of the game, Brighthoof, keeping pressed the message a portal will be generated that will take you back to wherever you are, as long as the game allows it and there are no reasons of the story that prevent a quick trip.

Unlock new trip points fast

Local fast travel places are unlocked automatically when walking near machines that also serve as stored points and reappearance. They are almost identical to those found in the Borderlands games, for those who have played those titles.

For those who are new, this is an example of what you are looking for:

That’s all you need to know about How to travel fast at Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands . Be sure to search travel fast to find more tips, tricks and other guides about the game while looking for a booty in Wonderlands.

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