Video games can tell rousing stories that deal with you for hours. Some Games tables, however, to Storys, to which you can remember impossible in hindsight. Here are 12 games, whose stories you just do not notice you.

9 games you played and forgot the story

From time to time comes a video game, which is completely piercing you, where you enjoy the gameplay and that you would have to think back to the year later ** nostalgic. Nevertheless, there is a question: What exactly was there?

Evolution of Final Fantasy Games (1987-2021)

There can be many reasons why you can not remember a Game Story. Especially the “Metal Gear” series is even famous for their confusing action . In other cases, you may have a detail just misunderstood or it’s just for a very long time since you have gottied the game last. Look at your answers here:

Played and forgotten again. We asked you what actions in video games you can not remember, though you’ve sashed the games and they still like them **. In this picture line we show you your answers.