The developer Frogwares has released the last Premium DLC for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One.

“M as mysterious” is a more than 2-hour mission in which it has succeeded in a cracked spy to outlook one of Mycroft’s agents and has managed to steal confidential documents. Sherlock now has to face a shadowy figure known only as “M” while trying to eat the work of a champion pion and saboteurs.

The “M as mysterious” DLC is included for the owner of the Deluxe Edition and the Season Pass. He can also be purchased separately in the Microsoft Store.

  • Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One M as mysterious – 9.99 euros
  • Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Season Pass – 24,99 Euro

The publication of the DLCs is happening for frogwares in the middle of wartime. Because the developer is based in Kyiv (Ukraine). Despite the terrible situation, it is not only possible to bring the DLC to the way, on 07 April 2022 Sherlock Holmes also appears: The Devil’s Daughter for Nintendo Switch.

Frogwares writes in a press release that although the majority of the Ukraine-based team is involved in a terrible war, one managed by external partners and a handful of employees remotely.

One tries to adapt to the situation and do what you can do to keep the studio halfway and keep over water.

Wael AMR, CEO of Frogwares said about the current situation of the employees and the studio:

“Just expressed: We have to keep the studio alive and keep it up to the best forces, now more than ever. Nobody in the team is expected to work, only from those who can and want. Some of the team involved themselves as full-time volunteers at humanitarian efforts across the country. Others have joined the defense forces. The remaining are located on various, safer places abroad or in the country and have agreed to work from afar. And we continue to pay all these people in the team. Those who fight or volunteer receive a place in the team at the end of the war. But essentially it is a collection of employees who have fled either from Ukraine in neighboring EU countries or moved into safer areas that keep frogwares running at the moment. “

“We are an independent studio without external financing, investors or a parent company that keeps us over water. So it’s all about us and supporting our players who want to play our games, to get this studio alive. And the longer this war goes, the more we recognize and people all over Ukraine that they, even if they are not directly involved in the fighting, somehow have to keep running. So that when everything is over and it’s time to rebuild and recade, do not start at zero. “