Money in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is very helpful in accessing many improvements. Fortunately it is quite easy to acquire, provided you have the right reflexes.

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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Tips And Tricks For Fast XP, Easy Money, Early Legendaries & More

First of all, the first way to win very quickly money remains very far the sale of weapons and equipment recovered on the monsters. Feel free to go back to access distributors you will earn a lot of time.

To generate a m + um of weapons and other items, you can just follow the flow of quests. However, you can also walk in the tall grass on the top map to create indefinite fights.

You can sell any type of equipment via sales distributors you will find around the world around the world.

Click on the “Sell” tab to view your objects, and then click your items to sell them.

Attention this action is not reversible, it will be necessary to redeem your object at the very price of the distributor. Which, excluding legendary item, is clearly not recommended.

In addition, be careful when you sell multiple objects at the same time on PC. The object selection tool is a bit capricious and tendency to select unwanted locations.

Buy additional equipment locations

In order to store as much as possible of salable equipment at the same time, it is important to increase its maximum location.

To do this go to the forge of the village of the Sabot-Ardent. If you do not have access yet no panic, it is impossible to miss because the main quest you amme.

More precisely the forge is on your left when you are facing the Fountain facing the castle.

Once in the forge the improvement workshop is on the left. Choose “Storage Backpack Improvement”.

The price will quickly increase but no panic, each location is extremely profitable. Especially if you improve it very early.

Silver chests in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Whatever the place where you are, very many chests are hidden around you. The most accidentable trunk type offers ammunition and life potions in case of problems.

Your goal is to find the special chests that necessarily report either money or objects.

Not to mention the large chests of fighting rewards, the chests can take two forms.

One is a small square box, as for the other it looks like a trunk with a particular skin. An example of this skin is just right but careful, it can vary depending on the area where you are.

secondary quests, a reliable money source

Once the two techniques above controlled, secondary quests become real land of Farming! Rather generous in fighting and therefore rewards they are perfect for accumulating valuable riches.

Another quite interesting passive trick, hold the ear when you walk. You will not be sheltered to hear and discover a secret dece.

When found it gives you random rewards a little more above average. What to generate a lot of money to resale totally bonus.

Other techniques to get money soon available

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands came out very recently, we will maintain this article regularly. New techniques will be listed here. Besides, if you want to propose us do not hesitate via the Comment section.

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