Make yourself the way to the wild and crazy world of Tiny Tinas Wunderland, you will find yourself on a journey that feels like a fresh breath for the series. With her chaotic, crazy energy, you will be thrown into imaginative worlds full of enemies who want to bring you. Luckily you have a wealth of crazy weapons and some friends who help you on the journey.

One thing you need, however, are weapons, ammunition and remedies. But what happens when the place goes out in your pocket and you can not take it anymore than you have? Luckily you can Expand the size of your inventory , but how do you do that? Follow us while we deep into the world of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and show you how to get a bigger backpack and increase the size of what you can wear!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – How to enlarge the backpack

Similar to changing your appearance It looks like most of your expansion options to take place for the early game in the city Hellhuf , as this is the first central hub you will reach worldwide. However, you have to do a few things before you can upgrade your backpack, so we start.


You must quit cemetery environment nearby and get your artifact from there , and as soon as this is done, you will be asked to return to Brighthoof. Once you are here, you will see it Hellhuf is as good as new, thanks to an intermediate sequence, and you can go in the go blacksmith .

You will be in the initial phase of the game your best friend, as you can improve your backpack , so you can carry more weapons, ammunition and more in your pocket, and all at reasonable prices! The best thing is that it is not a guessing game because you can see the costs and costs how many additional slots are added If you work with you to improve your pocket!

With every further purchase, however, you will see that the price is rising for each upgrade, so you need to make sure you get into gold to upgrade your pocket. Or, as they can carry more objects at this point, they sell something from the useless stuff they have to create extra space for more and earn some extra gold to upgrade their bag! The possibilities are endless!

Tiny Tinas Wunderland is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

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