That was finally for TurkGücü Munich in German professional football! The club from the 3rd league officially confirmed on Thursday to withdraw with immediate effect from the game operation.

The association had already come into major financial difficulties for some time ago and punished for violations of license requirements as well as the opening of insolvency proceedings with a deduction of a total of eleven point.

Now, the club is final and prematurely returned from the 3rd league, which until Dato 31 of 38 match days denied games are taken out of the rating.

“The expected revenue from the game operation until the end of the season can not cover the ongoing costs by far,” explained Turkhücü CEO Max Kothny in the official press statement.

The club could only be held and saved in the 3rd league if a new investor was found in the short term and took over the open and running costs.

“Despite intensive efforts in the past few weeks unfortunately no new investor could be found,” Kothny led to this and announced the retreat of the team for head coach Andreas Heraf.

Restart in Amateur Game Class for Turkgy Czech

With great respect, he spoke to the previous licensors, which were still for the Munich on the lawn until the last weekend, his thanks: “The team has shown in recent weeks that they have not given up at any time. That has potential However, the donor impressed, which were finally deterred by the high risk of descent as a result of the threatening point deduction, “said Kothny.

Due to the point deduction, Turkhücü hung with eight points residue on the saving shore until the end of the table of the 3rd league.

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Managing Director: “Sad Day for the 3rd League”

With regret, the managing director confirmed the 3rd league, Manuel Hartmann, opposite “” the retreat of the club from Bavaria: “This is a sad day for the 3rd league. Of course, TurkGücü Munich and its affected employees have the greatest damage and employees. At the same time, it is negative for the entire league and competition when a club leaves during the season. The goal must be that this case remains unique in the 3rd league. “

The withdrawal of the club cancel all previously advanced games with TurkGücü participation. For the Munich, there will be a reboot in an amateur playing class from the 2022/2023 season. Which that will be exact is currently open.

The club had risen into the 3rd league in the 2019/2020 season.