Developer Flying Wild Hog announced online cooperation actions during early access delivery on March 28, announced that open beta test starts from April 20. The compatible platform is a PC (Epic Games Store) and migrating to the basic play free with the start of the test. IGN conveys.

“SPACE PUNKS” is an overlooking point action RPG that allows for up to four cooperative play. It features a flashy battle at high paces. It appears in this work is a personality four universe of space. The player chooses from 4 to one person, and aims to be a single thousand gold, and will lead a flashy rampage with the stars from the stars to the crotch. In addition to assault rifles and gatling guns, weapons rich from flame radiator to two swords of swords are provided. It is a favorite weapon, and I will break up an organism of approaching roses and combat Robo.

This work is a work of so-called router shooter genre. After the battle with the enemy, you can get a looted item and make use of weapons upgrades, etc. It’s a way to enjoy the loop where you fight and get stronger and go to a more battle. In addition, this work plans to expand continuous content, such as addition of planets and activities. It seems to be able to operate as a long fun work.

Space Punks - Official Open Beta Launch Trailer
“SPACE PUNKS” has started early access delivery from July last year for Founders Pack Buyer. Early access delivery ended on April 20, and along with the opening beta start on April 20, it will be able to go for free and enter free of charge.

Flying Wild Hog, which works on this work, is a developer based in Poland. The fed-fancy battle is known as the developer of the FPS “Shadow Warrior” series, and the new work “Shadow Warrior 3” is released on March 1 this year. Besides, cooperative multi-play TPS “Evil West” and multiple action game new works such as the time-to-day drama action “TREK TO YOMI” set as the stage of Japan are developed. It would be nice to touch the company’s action game on the opportunity of “SPACE PUNKS”.

“SPACE PUNKS” will start open beta for basic play free from April 20 for PC (Epic Games store). This work is scheduled to release PS5 / Xbox Series X | S version 2022.