Elden Ring’s intermediate lands is a vast world that players have been exploring for just over a month. Many of the mysteries of the game have been discovered, including the walls that should be hit 50 times to break through and access what is behind. However, it seems that Elden Ring still has many secrets…

A Bestiary?

So he discovered it @ Jesterpatches on Twitter, who uses unconventional methods to explore all the secrets of the Games of Software. In the past, the player had discovered a large amount of content hidden in the Dark Souls folders. This time, he addressed the new title. In fact, a Bestiary , with a list of all enemies, would have hidden among the files of the game.

Elden Ring: Secret Area after Update

Tweet Translation: _ “Looking at the game files I found a few icons that make me believe that at some point a bestiary was planned. There are 128 icons that show different NPCs. Each NPC shown has 2 icons, one in Gray and another filling, so it could be not found and found. “_

We see two types of icons, the light gray color , in which the NPCs can be clearly seen, and those of more gray color , which only show their general silhouette. As in a classic bestiary and as Jesterpatches said, this could refer to the NPCs found and / or defeated, and those who remain to be discovered.

It is not specified that it is effectively a bostiary but 128 icons from different game entities present in the file so suggest. The user also tells this Add: _ “Then, there are 64 unique icons. It goes from ordinary soldiers to noble, animals, semihumans, even sacroderms and some that I do not recognize, but I do not see any important boss between them.” _

A next project? Or an abandoned project?

This is a question for which unfortunately we still do not have the answer. It is true that the game does not have a bostiary and that this could be a quite useful addition. On the negative side, it would not follow exactly the “Game Guidelines”.

Let’s explain. Elden Ring is an open world, whose goal is to allow the player to live his adventure with total independence. No record of missions or bestiary is not made available, with the real objective of making the game very realistic.

Therefore, it may be that the developers of the game want maintain this realism and that the “bestiary” seen by Jesterpatches is, unfortunately, only an abandoned project on the road.

An object?

Another interesting theory presented by @ Evilcookie on a DISCORD server, the icons could fit into an object (also non-existent in the game) called “St Trina’s Crystal Ball”, which copies the haze of dreams of any entity. The hypothetically object would capture the essence of a sleeping enemy to use the skills of it.

Visually, icons fit with the crystal ball in question. Could it be a coincidence? Although Elden Ring players would surely be happy to see landing a bestiary at the next update, from Software has not confirmed anything. Therefore, it will be necessary to have patience to see what the company has reserved for the future of Elden Ring.