Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is great for many reasons, but the introduction of rivet is probably the most important. The Lombax woman from another dimension is an excellent new character of the series and has become almost instantly a fans favorite. As part of a GDC presentation, in which Mark Stuart of Insomniac Games talked about the realization of this PlayStation 5 exclusivity, he explained how the studio designed the new protagonist, including his name.

It turns out that the rivet name was actually a quite late revelation. For a while, she was called Ratchette, but the team decided that it minimized the character and put too much emphasis on her sex. Following this, she became known for a long time under the name of Ratchet. “After all, she and Ratchet are technically dimensional counterparts,” Stuart explained. “Ratchet is a non-genreal name. “Of course, have two main characters both named Ratchet caused a lot of headaches,” it lasted a while, but finally made every draft of the very confusing story… at a time when the treatments of the History were quickly repeated, it was difficult to say in what dimension you were, but also of which rachet you were talking. »

Then, the name of the character has been changed to gadget, but that did not suit the team either. It was not until a meeting later in the development that the name Rivet was launched and immediately adopted.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Insomniac Insights | PS5

Having two characters named Ratchet would have been extremely confusing, we are obviously delighted that this has not happened. Nevertheless, it is a brilliant anecdote for development. You can know a little more about Stuart’s GDC on IGN.