Find out where and how to find legendary weapons and pounds in Tiny Tina‘s Wonderlands. Whether linked to a group of monster or a precise boss we will add small to small weapons.

The best weapons of Tiny Tina‘s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Amazing Legendaries That Change The Game (Tiny Tina Wonderland Legendaries

It is important to define that there is no better weapon strictly speaking. Many factors allow you to gauge the power of a weapon but only one account actually: that it adapts to your gameplay.

For example if you are more comfortable with a sights or in the opposite your character is based on body-to-body skills, your needs are changing at the same time as your gaming experience.

Thus, we propose you a list below of the weapons encountered without sorting them by power. The key points that will be highlighted will be where to hire them and what are their peculiarities that make them unique.

All legendary weapons of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands:

This list will be updated regularly at the same time as our tests. Moreover the name of the arms not translated, they will appear in English on our guide. _

IMPORTANT NOTE, DO NOT TAKE THE VALUES OF THE STATISTICS OF EACH WORLD, they evolve according to the level of bosses vanquished. This level depends on that of your character, so we advise you to farmer legendary weapons once high level.

Legendary pistols

Masterwork Handbow of Strking

How to get it: Unknown

Extremely formidable, this pistol merged with an arc draws only one ball. In case of critical blow, it is automatically recharged and generates 5 firing around the target.

If you play skills based on critical shots, this weapon is totally overpultering.

legendary machine guns (SMG)

Volley of the MISTS

How to get it: Reward Chaos Chaos

Very effective to ignite your opponents. This machine gun is simple to take in hand while drastically increasing the power of an elemental build.

Important note, the more you pull with the weapon the more it becomes precise.


How to get it: Unknown

As the Volley of the Mists weapon, this legendary weapon is perfect for freezing your opponent.

It is quite dependent on the body with a target that describes as you shoot. Thus it is ideal for elemental build build.

Legendary pump rifles

Reign of Arrows of Strking

How to get it: Overcoming a black magic eye crab »

Specifically, it is looted during the secondary quest “diplomatic relations” against a crab with a black magic eye.

This weapon raises arrows in a circle area which is incredible against static monsters. Against the bosses it realizes a real carnage.

However pay attention to buying maximum ammunition for use because it uses 7 minutes by shooting.

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