Novelist, Nishitani Historic, known in the Digital Devil Story series, reveals various anecdotes such as why the title of “ Goddess Tensei ” has been decided by Twitter.

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It began with the “Digital Devil Story Goddess Tensei” released for Family Computers in 1987, and is the RPG series of Atlas, which is the “true / goddess tense” series, but its original Volume 1 “Digital Devil” · Why did you become such a title “Story Goddess Tensei”?

According to Tweet, the title of “Goddess Tensei” itself was considered by Mr. Nishitani History of the original, but it was also suffered from other drives such as “Digital Devil Story” and “Reincarnation 〇” and proposed to the editorial department. Mr. Horio Suzuki, who was the editorial length of the time, is “” Never “Goddess Tensei”. This is a wisdom of the crane that sells “.

At that time, “Goddess Tensei”, which was developing with various media, OVA was also released, but “Goddess Tensei 2” was not produced. This OVA had no financial problem due to the reservation from Europe before the release of the Japanese version, but “Next is” Let’s make the “Me God Tensei”, Mr. Nishitani. It is said that the plan was delayed because it was furious. Also, it is said that various people were killed by having killed a certain important character.

Since Nishitani’s Twitter, various anecdotes are also spoken, so how do you check the “Digital Devil Story” and “Goddess Tensei” and “True / Goddess Tensei” fans?