Breath of the Wild 2 Delayed to Spring 2023
‘Legend of Zelda: The release date of the wild breath’ was postponed in spring 2023.

On the 29th, the Legend of Zelda’s Legend Series, Aounma Age, said, “Legend of the Legend of Zelda: Wild Breathse” through Nintendo YouTube Official Channel.

In 2019, the first “Legend of the Zelda” through Nintendo Direct, the Legend of the Wild Breaths’ was scheduled to be released in 2022 as a subsequent “Zelda’s legend: wild breath” in the game system.

Aounma Age has made a decision to delay a little more time for development, and I had a decision to postponed. He also said, “For a more special game experience, the entire development team is continuing to continue to make a game, and it would be a little longer,” he said, “he said.

Meanwhile, the Legend of Zelda: The background of the wild breath of the wild has been extended to the sky as well as the land, and you can enjoy a much more variety of features, including new meetings and new gameplay elements.