The offspring of Borussia Dortmund stands in the semifinals of the Westphalian dressing board. The U19 of BVB defied a completely treasured first half.

Against the a-juniors of the VfL Bochum, the leader of the A-Junior Bundesliga West in front of the local backdrop after 45 minutes was already at 0: 2 behind. The two goals introduced Bochums Florian Berisha to the BVB.

In the break, Coach Mike Tullberg responded and brought Colin Noah Kleine-Bekel for Noah Mrosek and Abu-Bekir Ömer El Zein for Filippo Calixte Mane into the game – a trick that obviously picked up.

After 52 minutes Dennis Lütke Frie achieved the connection, only three minutes later Samuel Bamba succeeded in equalizer, the last gate of the game.

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The decision was ultimately falling in penalty shooting and here the BVB-Youngster did not give up any floors. Göktan Gürpüz, small-sweet, El-Zein, Michel Simon and Farouk Kayode Cissé lost Bochum-Keeper Finn Gregor Kotyrba and cared for penalty shooting for the narrow 7: 6 victory.

BVB does not just want to be there

The Dortmund is the first team in the leakage round of the Cup competition. In the further quarterfinal matches, the TSG Sprockhövel meets Arminia Bielefeld (06 April) and the SSV Buer 07/28 on SV Rödinghausen (April 24).

The FC Schalke 04 is still waiting for the team that calls him on 06 April. The opponent of the U19 of the scarce is determined between the TSC Eintracht Dortmund and the SC Prussia Münster.

It is already clear that the BVB meets in the semifinals on Buer or Rödinghausen and goes into play as a clear favorite. Tullberg, however, realized that the competition is by no means underestimated. “We do not work in any competition to only be there. This is not the claim of Borussia Dortmund”, we quoted the Dane on “”.