Neptune Lee Ko (K) Pop Digital Idol (Corporation) has been invested in the company Dip Studio (representative Ryu Ki-hyun). In August last year, the second investment is Cumulative W8.1bn, and the stake rate rose to about 20% in the existing approximately 6%.

Through this stake investment, Neptune has also been able to create content authority to take advantage of digital homes made in Deep Studio. For example, I have enhanced the possibility of entering a new business area, such as a game content creation of Dip Studio’s digital human human being, or a digital human-based metabus spatial implementation.

Deep Studio is a plan to debut the 5-artificial idol groups, composed of virtual members and real members of this summer. Last January, the first member of the virtual idol ‘Jung Seung-jin’ related content was released to Tank and YouTube, and how long ago, the introduction video of the real member 4 person was also released through the Super Kind Official YouTube channel.

Nadenthein Official Music Video #BiGD #Nadenthein

Deep Studio Ryu Ki-hyun’s representative is “I am pleased to be able to make partnerships more in advantage of Neptune,” and “K-pop interested in the KPOP to focus on the short-forming contents of the short-formatted platform users and K-pop fans continued to reproduce (User Generated Contents) and MEME, I will expand the Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Properties (Intellectual Property Intellectual Properties) of Jeongseong Jin and Super Kind. “

Neptune Yu Tae-woong said, “The new approach of Dip Studio, which does not follow the general success routes of existing digital homes, is impressive, and it is expected to be synergy with the various business areas of Neptune,” said Neptune. ” We decided to invest in additional investment, “he said,” he decided to invest in a differentiated position, and it is possible to strengthen global fandoms and female fandoms through idol groups. “