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Sony explained the reason for blocking PS Plus cards

Sony gave an official explanation of the reasons for blocking the activation of PS Plus cards.

PS Plus Membership Stacking BLOCKED by Sony! - PS Plus & PS Now Voucher Conversion Charts, WHY!
This is not a random failure in the functionality, as many could think, but a fundamental solution aimed at combating the possibility of getting a more expensive PS Plus Service, which will be introduced in the near future, due to a cheaper relevant subscription.
Information about this appeared on the official PlayStation page.
Obviously, Sony strives to prevent the players in every possible way to accumulate a prepaid subscription time before launching an updated service.

Where to find Omni chips in Seven Outpost II in Fortnite?

Omni Sword quests at Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 received three new tests with the release of the 6th week update. Tests are intended exclusively for players who have a military pass. Players can perform these tasks every week to collect omni chips necessary to unlock various modifications of the Omni style. This week, players will need to visit Seven Outpost II and collect three Omni Chip scattered through the POI.

Where is Seven Outpost II in Fortnite?

Collect Omni Chips at Seven Outpost II Location - Fortnite

To collect Omni chips this week, players need to visit Seven Outpost II. This POI is located northwest of Logjam Lumberyard, at the top of the hill. Contact the markers on the map below to find the exact location of Omni Chips in Sven Outpost II. At the 6th week, players will also have to visit a crispy crater and Tambeldaun temple to collect the remaining omny chips and perform Omni-Meadow quests this week.

The first omni chip is inside the main building on the outpost. Players can easily find it by entering the eastern side of the POI.

The second omni chip can be found on the top of the bridge connecting two buildings, right behind the door.

The third omni chip can be found on top of a small hill to the west of the main structure.

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May Playstation Plus

The May PlayStation Plus selection is once again in line with the rumors previously reported.

The trio’s most famous game is probably undoubtedly Electronic Arts FIFA 22, which offers both PS4 and PS5 versions.
In addition, the start of the spring can be hidden behind the curtains with a cooperation adventure Tribes of Midgardin and Roguelike’s curs of the Dead Gods.

PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) May 2022 (PS+)
The PlayStation Plus selection will be exchanged on Tuesday, May 3.
All trailers can be shown at the end of the news, while more information can be read on the PlayStation Blog, here.
Below the entire trio with its platforms:
* Fifa 22 _ (ps4, ps5)
* _Tribes of midgard
(ps4, ps5)
* Cursse of the Dead Gods (PS4)

Fortnite io forces locations: How to steal io

With the many in Fortnite, players always have some news to do, especially those who want to end the Battle Pass of the current season. This week there are tasks such as setting up reconnaissance cameras in order to gain further knowledge about the DoomsDay Device from the IO. Conveniently, we have another task this week in relation to the locations of the IO armed forces and the theft of their login information in Fortnite. Here are some reliable places to find them.

Fortnite io Forces locations

Eliminate IO Forces to Steal IO Credentials and Deliver to the Imagined Location - Fortnite

Fortunately, IO Forces in Chapter 3, Season 2 of the game, can be found quite often to most of the places mentioned. However, if you are looking for a reliable place where you can find you, try to go towards The Fortress.

This area is located north of Tilted Towers on the other side of the lake. It is right next to the snow -covered area in the northwestern part of the map. You cannot miss it because there is only a huge transport vehicle with a tank in it and, you guessed it, IO armored forces that patrol in the area.

How to steal IO registration information

To steal the IO registration information, you simply have to switch off one of the IO guards. They are the AI-controlled NPCs that shoot at them when they are in their point of view. If you put down a guard, let the object you have sought.

If you pick up an ID, the imagined will talk about wireless communication with you. She will tell you that you should bring it back to her.

You only have to pick up a registration card, which eliminates any kind of grind in view of the wording. Simply bring this picked up and deliver it to a white column in the Joneses area. Regardless of what The Imagined said, don’t worry that you have to do it in the same match or are eliminated. As soon as the object is in your inventory, you can deliver it in your next match, especially if the storm is not in your favor to be able to do this in one fell swoop.

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Fourteen days can be played free of charge on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Attack of the fanboy / player / Fortnite io Forces locations: How to steal IO registration information

PS5 supports VRR function within the week

Sony announced the PS5’s VRR function update through the PlayStation blog. If you have HDMI 2.1 VRR compatible TVs and PC monitors, you can apply the VRR function.

VRR dynamically synchronizes display screen playback frequency to graphic output of the PS5 console. This minimizes or removes visual problems such as frame patching and screen disconnection. You can also experience softer gameplay through smooth rendering, vivid graphics, and input delay.

The title already released is applied through the game patch, and the title will be included at the same time as the release. It can also be applied to PS5 games that do not support VRR, but the results can vary depending on the TV, games, and visual mode you are using. If you have a problem, you can release the relevant options.

The VRR will be provided around the world through the PS5 console update this week. When the update is applied, if the PS5 console is connected to the HDMI 2.1 VRR compatible TV or PC monitor, the VRR is automatically activated for the supported game. If you don’t want it, you can turn off your VRR feature in your system settings.

Meanwhile, Sony also unveiled some titles that support VRR functions within a few weeks. After the VRR update, you can apply the feature when the in -game patch progresses.

◆ VRR support title

Astro Play Room
Call of Duty: Vanguard
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
Destiny Guardians
Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition
Thet 5
Marvel Spider -Man Remaster
Marvel Spider -Man: Miles Morales
Ratchet & Clank: Lift Apartment
Resident Evil Village

HUGE NEW PS5 UPDATE OUT THIS WEEK! PS5 VRR Support Variable Refresh Rate for PlayStation 5

Wonderland of Tiny Tina
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Sea
Tribe of Midgard

Return of Ubisoft: Suddenly NFTs are not that cool

Behind the code name Project Q is Ubisoft’s new multiplayer game, which the company announces on Twitter. At the same time, there is also all -clear: NFTs are not planned. Already ironically when you consider that Ubisoft has tried to market NFTs as a good thing for gamers in the past few weeks and months.

Is Hyper Scape Still Playable in 2022?

Project Q: No NFTS planned

After several leaks, it is now official: a new multiplayer game is under development at Ubisoft. This currently bears the code name Project Q.

The announcement also followed directly: Unlike their failed Hyper Scape, Project q should not become a Battle Royale . In addition, no NFTS are planned for the multiplayer game **.

Apparently Ubisoft finally understood that his players do not want NFTs. Nevertheless, it has a strange aftertaste to use the deletion of NFTS for PR purposes after being tuned in the past.

That is why this extra message has some of the announcement of Battlefield 5 , when EA and DICE promoted that Battlefield 5 will not have any loot boxes-after installing loot boxes in several games and titled them as “rather fun”. (Source: PCGamesn)

players remain unestredly

Under the corresponding tweet from Ubisoft, there are many players who remain unappimated with the announcement of Project Q. @Kressnik writes, for example:

“If you have to have two information follows your announcement that says that terrible ideas are not part of the game, you know that you have screwed it up as a company ** if everyone assumes that you would do it automatically. “(Source: Twitter)

Other users believe that Ubisoft will nevertheless incorporate NFTs into Project Q. @Bikinibodhi writes:

“Do you really believe that your fan base is so unsuspecting? Project Q (Uartz)?

In doing so, he refers to the NFT service quartz, which Ubisoft built in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. He also quotes a sentence from the announcement and conclusion:

“‘Having the experience truly!’ What only is an NFT key word that means a shit dirt?” (Source: Twitter)

In fact, Ubisoft only speaks of having no plans for NFTs. However, this is not a clear confirmation that they could not at some point could become part of Project Q .

Mir M, 3 Skide character game video release

The MMORPG ‘MIM M: Vanguard & Bond’, which is a service and developed by Wyme MM, has entered the launch of the characteristics of the game,.

In the image introduced, the features of Mir M can be seen, and the characteristics of three characters, which will lead the game play, and the combat appearance of the implemented battle in the game.

One. Warrior

My Mir 5 na | MIR M Vanguard and Vagabond |
Mirri IP representative character ‘Warrior’ boasts the ability of powerful physical damage to the desktop. It is expected that it is expected to be awarded in a large-scale battle, such as a talented personality, such as a richest battle through a strong physical strength,

2. taoist

As ‘Tosa’ acquires the public, the more powerful, diverse debuff, and buff attacks, can fall into confusion in battle. In particular, it is not because it can be resurrected through the conference retraction and can be resurrected by massive combat situations. Save the feature in the previous “Legend of Legend of Mir” to perform the role of the pet, and attack the role of the tanker, or attack the dangerous space instead. It seems that the role of the Daeda in the battlefield is drawn to the simple healer and pulled out the fun of the play.

3. predicative

‘Body’ is a character that can be a powerful attack on the power of powerful elements. It is expected that the strength of various elements, such as ice and lightning, is expected to be attracted to the user who is visually a colorful skill element and a strong deal of the user.

The wemoids were a profession that three characters are in the nearby, medium-distance, and long distances, and in the battle of the grid format, the combination of three characters in the battle, introduced to the game of the game,.

On the other hand, WMADID has begun earlier in Mir M’s pre-reservation on the 21st. Dictionary reservations and details can be checked through brand sites, and MIL M’s advance reservation is governed by Google Play, App Store, Cacao Pre Reservation, Naver Pre Reservation, and brand site.

A win against Bochum? FC Augsburg takes third attention

For one thing, the VfL Bochum is to be envied from the point of view of the Augsburg. The team of Thomas Rice, which is not allowed to sit on Sunday (15.30, live! At VfL Bochum) after his red card on the bank, can make the leaving with a victory already perfect this weekend. “This is important to prevent,” calls Markus Weinzierl on Friday. Not because he would not treat it to the newcomer, but the possible celebration of the home owners at the Castroper Straße would rush his team in deeper worries.

Important Win for Augsburg! | Bochum- Augsburg 0-2 | All Goals | | Matchday 31 – Bundesliga 21/22

It should not come that far. In order to make himself at least the preliminary step towards another year in the Bundesliga, it is important to exhibit weakness on foreign places. Only two of his 15 away games could win the FCA and lost five of the last six guest matches.

“Very painful” experiences

In the preparation for the upcoming opponents, the Swabia could rely more than usual on experience from the current season, although the memories of the 2: 3 home defeat in the first round and from the DFB Cup after penalty shooting in Bochum “quite painful” are. In the league, the FCA was already 3: 0 behind after a “penned first half”.

Weinzierl: “I expect a close game again

Similarly, Weinzierl does not expect this time. “That was often our problem that we were badly started in games. In the last few weeks and months we got this better, that’s why this was not an issue. There were two narrow games, so I expect a close game again, Since it is important to make the little things better “, according to the Lower Bayer, to which the achievements of the last weeks with the exception of the last bitter home defeat against Hertha BSC” trust “.

The motto is striking as over there: high and far

But the spectators in the basement duel should not expect a footballer treat. Bochum has the weakest pass quota of the league with 71.1%, behind it is the FCA with 71.5%. Instead of combination football, the motto was each: high and far. LIGNAITS beat Bochum (81) and Augsburg (69) most long balls per 90 minutes.

Uduokhai collects game practice

After in the last games always injuries or coronafalle influenced the starting element, the coaching team can probably get out of full this time. The missing Florian Lechtechner and Daniel Caligiuri missing in the previous week rose again at the beginning of the week, Felix Uduokhai gathered on Wednesday evening in the 2nd team game practice.

“He has no rhythm this season. It is regional league, but the burden in the competition is still another as in training. That’s why it was important to see him for 45 minutes. Also for him and his feeling in the head,” explained Weinzierl, who presented its center-back commitment time in the final season phase.

Valorant – This is the new Battle Pass of Episode 4 Act 3: All Your Skins

A new act arrives at Valorant and that always means that the battle pass ** is about to renew itself. The premiere of the third chapter and definitive chapter of episode 4 was not to be an exception and Riot Games has returned to introduce the reward unlocking system. As always, it comes with a total of 50 levels in which we can unlock all types of content. Skins of weapons, graffiti, visiting or radianite cards are just some of the most interesting things we are going to find.

At this point, it knows almost the whole community. However, we are going to review it. The rewards of the Valorant Battle Pass are divided between the free option and the Premium Alternative. Of course, if we want to unlock more things we will have to apocinate. At least there are no surprises with price increases and the pass is maintained at a cost of 1000 VP not recoverable . Of course, there will be a free weapon for all players who will be Frenzy Coalition: Cobra .

All Skins of the Battle Pass – ACT 3 Episode 4

In total, the premium battle pass has three cosmetic lines add a dozen new skins to our inventory. Next, you can see them all.

*NEW* Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Battle Pass - All Act 3 Battle Pass Skins


In addition to the Frenzy, there are three additional designs. We will show you everyone in a different color since there are four available.

SHIFT designs

It has the following weapons…


The star design of this battle pass…

With the new cosmetics already reviewed, it is a matter of throwing hours to meet all the experience requirements. Throughout the new battle pass of Valorant we will take some pleasant surprises with different rewards. As always, the business cards are another of the strong dishes that all players appreciate and arrive with a combination of carefree and much more serious arts to satisfy the entire community.

The battle pass 3 episode 4 of Valorant will be available in the game when the next patch is introduced April 27 .

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