A new report has revealed that Rockstar Games’ MAX Payne 3 had a cooperative campaign. MAX Payne 3 is possibly a classic Rockstar Games cult. He did not find the immense success of other great Games from the beginning of Rockstar, _ Defortre Red_ and Grand Theft Auto V, but it was a well-received shooting game that was based on the foundations established by Remedy Games. Since Rockstar did not developed the first two entrances by themselves, they could do it his successfully and, at the same time, they made sure that the fanatics of the series could still easily recognize the black story. The voice in sandy off, the fluid shooting and much more were there, only that in a new environment with new characters. That said, Rockstar almost gives the franchise a new important incorporation.

Is Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Still Fun? YES!

A new report of the USA Today FTW column states that Rockstar was developing a two-player cooperative campaign for MAX Payne 3. Cooperative mode would have been a prologue of the main history that shortened the gap between the last days of Max in New Jersey and the new life of it in Brazil. It seems that something of this remained intact, only that without the cooperative element, since there is a section of the game that shows the flight of Max of New Jersey after meeting his companion, Raul Passos. The report notes that players would also have infiltrated a “strange cult complex” and in a mine of South American gems. A team in London worked in mode for a year, noting the difficulty it had by allowing two players to use bullet time at a time and the mode was finally deleted to focus more on the PVP multiplayer mode of the game.

Although it sounds like a great concept, it is probably better that Rockstar decided to focus its efforts on a player mode and in multiplayer mode. Sadly, MAX Payne 3 The multiplayer servers were closed in 2021, which is a shame because it was actually a competent PVP shooter. Those who still want to experience the campaign can rejoice since Rockstar recently added MAX Payne 3 to the Xbox One retraction library.

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