In recent decades, video games have gone from marginal interest to one of the largest industries on the planet. Each year, the industry gains billions of dollars – more than $ 134 billion in 2018 – and people slowly but surely do the potential of the game as a form of art, more and more games receiving praise. Only for gameplay and graphics, but also for music and narrative.

We have seen a slow but steady stream of video games receive television or cinematographic adaptations, and all have not been good. For every successful adaptation, there are a dozen superficial attempts at fans, and it’s a shame because many of these projects had a lot of potential and some, like Silent Hill, even managed to be decent attempts that are Just shy bigger.

Sony is not discouraged by the uneven history of video game adaptations, because two of their biggest franchises are both online for adaptations. Uncharted, inspired by Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones, gets a movie featuring Tom Holland in the role of the young Nathan Drake, while The Last of Us, doing head nods at The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, is instead getting an HBO adaptation, which will give more time to the acclaimed scenario to breathe, and the PlayStation Jim Ryan boss says it’s “only the beginning of the expansion of our narration in new media and a even wider public.

By suggesting that there might be more PlayStation on the horizon, Ryan said the team was “really happy to bring some of the best IP playstation to new media like cinema and television.”

Uncharted and The Last of Us - Great and Terrible Games

What other games could we see? There are obvious contenders like Ghost of Tsushima or Horizon: Zero Dawn, but why stop there? Why not team up with, say, Supermassive Games or Quantic Dream and embark on interactive movies with real actors? The adaptation of two of the most acclaimed franchises by criticism is a first important step, then who knows what we will see in the future?

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