Mixy Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kimura Hiroji) is developed “XFLAG (XFlag)” is a new sense RPG, “Sometimes RPG Kotodaman” (hereinafter referred to as ” In Kotodaman), we will inform you that the second collaboration with “Evangelion” will be held from March 31, 2022 (Thursday).

In this collaboration, new characters such as “Shinji (Deciser)” and “Asuka (Templit)” and “Ray (Tentative Name) (Decisive Battle)” are first appeared, and the first collaboration summons and collaboration quests are also reprinted, and 22 will appear for a limited time. From today, we will carry out a “PV Retweet Campaign” that will release the collaboration commemorative Special PV and the drawing by the lottery.

In addition, the “Evangelion” series of knowledge is tried, and “Evangelion collaboration commemorative party pack” with collaboration stamp and “Evangelion collaboration commemorative party pack”, and collaboration original acrylic stand set will carry out “collaboration window ranking campaign” increase.

In addition, from 20:00 on March 30 (Wed) 20:00, Cotodaman Official Youtube Channel etc. will publish the entire collaboration at the Kotodaman official live broadcast “GOD station”.

For more information on this collaboration, we will inform you at the Kotodaman official site at any time.
Kotodaman Official Site: https://xfl.ag/kotodaman-Official

March 31, 2022 (Thu) 16:00-April 17 (Sun) 15:59

# “Shinji (December)” and “Asuka (December)” “Ray (tentative name)” “Ray (tentative name) (Decisive battle)” First appeared for collaboration summons!

In collaboration Summoning, 7 major characters such as “Shinji (Battle)” “Asuka (Battle)” and “Ray (Tentative Name) (Decisive Battle)” will appear first. In addition, the first collaboration summons will also be reprinted.

[Characters that appear to summon collaboration] ※ Title abbreviation

Water attribute ★ 6 Shinji (final war) (after evolution) CV: Emi Ogata

Fire attribute ★ 6 Asuka (final battle) (after evolution) CV: Yuko Miyamura

Water attribute ★ 6 lay (tentative name) (final war) (after evolution) CV: Hayashehara Megumi

Fire attribute ★ 6 Mari (final war) (after evolution) CV: Makoto Sakamoto

Uta attribute ★ 6 Kaoru (final war) (after evolution) CV: Akira Ishida

Tree attribute ★ 6 two-two subscripts (after evolution) CV: Hiroshi Yamada & Nakayama

Ten attribute ★ 6 Shinji & Ray (after evolution) CV: Ogata Emi & Hayashibara Megumi

# “Ogendou” and mysterious enemy sexual body “apostles” appear in collaboration quests!

In collaboration quests, “the fourth apostle” appears in [super class], “the 9th apostle” “The 10th Apostle”, “Makuso”, “Gendow” appeared in [Makai] [Devaffe] increase. In addition, the first collaboration quest is also reprinted.

[Characters that appear to collaboration quests] ※ Title abbreviation

Fire attribute ★ 6 4th apostles CV: None

Dark attribute ★ 6 9 apostles CV: None

Tree attribute ★ 6 tenth apostles CV: None

Uta attribute ★ 6 Gendou CV: Tatsuki Hatsuhiko

# Share PV and “Elabe Pay” hit! Conduct “PV Retweet Campaign”

In commemoration of the holding of this collaboration, we will publish a collaboration commemorative special PV that records the introduction of each collaboration character from March 30 (Wed) and “Sugwa” activation. In addition, “PV retweet campaign” that “Elabe Pay” is held for 30 people in 30 people by lottery from the person who has put the target tweets with PV attached to 30 people from the same day.

[Common battle RPG Kotodaman] “Kotodaman” × “Evangelion” collaboration commemorative special PV
Public destination: https://xfl.ag/3ueeitv
【Campaign Name】
PV retweet campaign
【Application period】
March 30, 2022 (Wed) 12:00-March 31 (Thu) 15:59
“Elabe Pay” 3,000 yen… 30 people

※ Please check the Cotodaman official site or application terms for details on how to apply for this campaign and “Elabe Pay”.

# Collaboration Original Acrylic Stand Set Conducted a “collaboration door driver” Campaign to hit a total of 60 people by lottery!

During the collaboration, the dictionary is added to the “Evangelion” collaboration collaboration. This collaboration expires the release status and announces in the order of ranking format in the order in which the number of people released is large.

We will conduct two “Retweet campaigns” to retweet the resulting tweets of the result announcement, which expects collaboration evoked to rank higher. From the person who applied for the campaign, a total of 60 people will give a total of 60 people and a collaboration original acrylic stand set.

# # [Collaboration Ward Ranking Campaign Overview]

# “Evangelion collaboration commemorative party pack” with collaboration stamp for a limited sale!

Collaboration limited stamps (with voices) that can be used in multiplayer will appear five types. It is a pack that comes with 1 collaboration Stamp with 100 Rainbow Cotodama.
· “Evangelion collaboration commemorative party pack” (all five types)… Each 250 yen (tax included)

# “Crab test quest” where knowledge of “Evangelion” series is tried appeared for a limited time

“Collaboration test quest” that can play alone appears in the app. In this quest, 10 quizzes for the Evangelion series are presented, combining characters within the time limit, and created a “word” that is the answer to the quiz. If you clear or clear more than 2 questions, you can get one “★ 4 to 5 Eva collaboration fruit”.

# March 30 (Wed) 20:00 live broadcast! All published books & play

Kotodaman official live broadcast “GOD station” delivered with the official Youtube channel of Kotodaman, publishes the details and new information of this collaboration, and lives in collaboration quest leading play.

[Delivery date]
March 30, 2022 (Wed) 20: 00-

[Delivery destination]
1 YouTubeLive (Kotodaman Official YouTube Channel):
2 TwitterLive (Kotodaman Official Twitter Account):

※ “[Official] Cotodaman Operation Meeting” You can watch in tweets from Twitter account (@kotodaman_pr).

Please check the official site for details on collaboration and campaigns.
Kotodaman Official Site: https://xfl.ag/kotodaman-Official

# About the “Evangelion” series work summary

The Evangelion series started with the broadcast of TV animation “Neon Genesis Evangelion” in 1995, developed into various media such as comic films and games, and works that caused social phenomena. In 2007, the theater animation work “Evangelion new theater version” series is started and supported by a wide range of age-like layers. Following “: Introduction” “: Breaking” “: Q”, the latest “Shin Evangelion Movie version” was released in 2021, and it became the largest hit work that brought out 100 million yen of box office income.

Official site: https://www.evangelion.co.jp/
(C) color

XFLAG will continue to provide a battle entertainment of “Adrenaline fully open” to enjoy friends and family and family.

# Community Talk RPG Kotodaman https://xfl.ag/kotodaman-Official

A new sense RPG that fights with a “word” that can be played with a smartph1. We will combine the character spirit “Kotodaman” to create a “word” and aim for the stage clear. The damage to the enemy changes with the length and number of “words” and the number of damage to the enemy will change while cooperating with up to four people, and in multiplayer playing with friends, family and family and wau wais, enjoy the knowledge of each knowledge and enjoy the creation of “words” It is possible.

More than 290,000 words, from creatures, food, place names, historical persons, up to that of the epidemic “words”. “Word” is added daily, and it is the ultimate word play game that spreads infinitely.

Game name Collectual battle RPG Kotodaman Category Game (Action RPG) Play fee free (some charges / item charge) correspondence model (OS) [IOS] iOS 13.0 or later [AndroidTM] Android 5.0 or later

Use method and “Kotodoman” in each store
· Game Download URL: https://xfl.ag/kotoDaman

# Mixi Group

The Mixi Group is working on the “User Spreading First” corporate philosophy, and providing valuable value of the user’s imagination and expectations. The Group has established communication services to enjoy with close people, such as “MIXI”, “Monster Strike”, “Family Album”, “TipStar”, etc., Since 1997.

From now on, in order to carry out the mission defined with “Four communication” (what you need to do), we will envision the future of people’s life, and business and services that promote communication activation from the side of IT Promote and work on creating better communication.

■ xflag

XFlag (XFLAG) is an entertainment business brand developed by Mixi Co., Ltd. In addition to providing a smartphone application “monster strike” “co-fight RPG Kotdaman”, we will send out the battle entertainment of “Adrenalin fully open” to the world and families with friends and families, focusing on games, anime and sports.

“Mixi”, “mixi”, mixi logo, “Xflag”, Xflag logo, “Kotdaman” is a trademark or registered trademark of Mixi Corporation. Also, the company name, service and product name of each company is a trademark or registered trademark owned by each.