Last month, Square Enix launched chocobo GP on the Nintendo switch. The game looked like a fun alternative to Mario Kart, but several errors and launch problems have caused headaches to players. Fortunately, it seems that some of these problems may have been resolved, since now there is a new update in the game, taking it to version 1.0.4. In particular, the last update of the game apparently solves a problem by which the start of a race was not synchronized. Complete Notes of Square Enix Patch Official Website can be found below:

1. A problem was solved by which the game stopped progressing on the classification screen at the end of a race and during pairing for the next race.

two. A problem was solved by which the starting time of the race was not synchronized.

3. The inadequate behavior of the characters caused by the delay was corrected.


  • The number of turns is corrupted.
  • The character clears the target unexpectedly.
  • Magicites can not be used.
  • Magicitas that have not been obtained are used automatically.
  • Two of the same player exists in the same race.

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4. A problem was solved by which end in fourth place or higher was as eliminated due to the delay.

5. A problem was solved by which the long course of “Gold Saucer” sometimes enters the fourth round.

Obviously, this update will not solve all the problems that people have had with the game so far. However, the Square Enix website notes that the company “will continue to update chocobo GP to improve the player’s experience.” We already know that the second season of the game will make it easier for players to get Mithril, and more courses will also be added, which should give chocobo gp a little more variety. It remains to be seen if these updates will come fast enough to attract players, but hopefully it will result in a more fun game in general for Final Fantasy fans!

Chocobo GP is now available, exclusively in Nintendo Switch. Readers can check all our previous game coverage here.

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